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Continue working on your Cornell notes.

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1 Continue working on your Cornell notes.
Week 36, Day Three HW #  Work on your plant packet. Continue working on your Cornell notes. Warm up Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? WHY? See if you can name 3 other vegetables that we generally refer to as fruits (or vice versa).

2 Warm up Response x

3 Homework Response/Check
Did you work on your Cornell notes? Did you review yesterday’s ppt to make sure that your notes are complete?

4 Goals for Today Talk about plants with no seeds. Assign Zoo cars.
Observe your plant. Make drawings. Add 25 ml of water if it/they look dry. Plant Packet (due 6/10) HW TOC is due TOMORROW. Staple any extra HW passes to the top.

5 Plants without Seeds Chapter 10 Section 2

6 Nonvascular Plants Three major groups: mosses; liverworts, and hornworts. Low-growing plants live in moist areas where they can absorb water and other nutrients directly from their environment.

7 Pictures:

8 Mosses Rhizoids (root-like structures) anchor the moss and absorb water/nutrients from the soil.

9 Liverworts They grow on moist rocks or soil along the side of streams.
Gametophyte looks like human liver Hornworts live in moist soil mixed with grass. They have horn shaped sporophytes.

10 Seedless Vascular plants
Ferns, horsetails, and club moss have true vascular tissue.- DO NOT PRODUCE SEEDS. They produce spores. (water needs to be available)

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