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Fe’iloakitau Kaho Tevi June 2014 IUCN ORO Pacific Islands Development Forum II.

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1 Fe’iloakitau Kaho Tevi June 2014 IUCN ORO Pacific Islands Development Forum II

2 IUCN in Oceania IUCN has been active in the region for many years. – 29 Australian members – 10 New Zealand – 18 Pacific Islands – State Members (Region) Nauru, Fiji, Solomons, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, PNG? Palau? Kiribati? Tuvalu?, Marshals Australia, New Zealand, USA, France, China, Japan, Malaysia

3 Quotes from IUCN DG “Nature can and does provide solutions to development challenges such as climate change, and food, water and energy security. It is time governments included nature in development strategies.” Julia Marton-Lefèvre, IUCN Director General

4 IUCN’s Programme framework 2013-16 BIODIVERSITY Species Marine P/Areas GOVERNANCE Law Economics NATURE BASED SOLUTIONS Water and Wetlands Mangroves Food Security GREEN ECONOMY - Sustainable Energy -Sustainable Transport - Private Sector -Green Growth and Leadership

5 Big development issues in the Pacific.. & Tropics Unsustainable use of Natural Resources o Logging o Mining o Fishery – offshore / inshore Governance Emerging social challenges o Right Education & Targeted Capacity o Health Dependence on fossil fuel: Barking up the wrong tree…

6 Managing Resources Who owns the tap? Who decides? Who benefits? Are we still in control? Fisheries? Forests? Mining? Oil and Gas?

7 A new narrative Shift from Vulnerability to Value o Climate change lens - 10m people in 30m sq Km of healthy ocean o Per capita lens is not relevant More than Tuna…. Healthy ocean habitats o Support efforts for conservation and management o Large and small MPAs Pacific Island Region – Environment and Culture: Gift of Global Value

8 Pivotal Decade – Getting Sustainable Development right…. ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY ECONOMY Status Quo Economy Society Environment Sustainable Development…. Greening Growth

9 Leadership Space Coalitions

10 Inaugural meeting of the Green Growth Core Group

11 Outcomes of Natadola GGLC Core Group Green Growth is not optional for the Pacific. The current model of exponential, cumulative growth without consideration of environmental, social and inter-generational values must be revised. we must turn it into an opportunity to force change Re-invent our future based on value, not vulnerability, on value, not volume.

12 Defining Green Growth GGLC proposes a process to define Green Growth in the Pacific context GGLC proposes a set of guiding tools that would allow for more informed discussions GGLC sets a number of results to be achieved in promoting a Pacific definition of Green Growth GGLC proposes a way forward on implementing Green Growth.


14 Consultative process Integrating Green Growth principles in National Development Strategic Plans 2015 Creating Multiple Platforms Engaging communities through the talanoa process Re-defining National Development Strategies on conservation – Development axis

15 Partnerships in LEGGASI


17 2015 - 2030

18 As we see it: Green Growth is about: Placing culture and Pacific values at the centre of development Identifying the “transition” path from current brown economy to new green economy Get “sustainable development” right Sustainable Development – Conservation Axis: Unique spaces for greater innovative partnerships

19 © Stuart Chape LET’S GET IT RIGHT!Tenkiu tu mas

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