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Inauguration of E4A Steering Committee Members Valencia Hotel Abuja Objectives of the meeting 22 August 2012 1.

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1 Inauguration of E4A Steering Committee Members Valencia Hotel Abuja Objectives of the meeting 22 August 2012 1

2 Objectives of the meeting Introduce and present an overview of E4A to committee members Inaugurate committee members and introduce them to E4A staff Discuss the role and responsibilities of the committee

3 Saving the lives of Mothers and Babies in Africa – An Evidence for Action Programme By Dr Tunde Segun Country Director



6 Overview What is E4A? Our approach Where we fit

7 What is E4A? Saving the Lives of Mothers and Babies Quality of Care Evidence Advocacy Accountability Efficient Use of Resources

8 What is E4A? Years of implementation £ million, funded by DFID Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa Consortium partners 5 20 6 7

9 E4A in Nigeria Host agenciesGeographical focus Advocacy Nigeria CAMER OON

10 Our Approach – Nigeria Year 1 Strengthen MDRs and immediate death notification Disaggregate, package and disseminate MNH data (eg COIA indicators, census data) Evidence

11 Our Approach – Nigeria Year 1 Advocacy Launch an advocacy campaign to highlight success stories in MNH and demand change where needed Engage and train journalists; Monitor media coverage of MNH

12 Our Approach –Nigeria Year 1 Quality of care scorecards at the health facility and state level Create a website to monitor progress on quality of care and share advocacy resources Accountability

13 Where We Fit Partner Priorities E4A Support List

14 Where We Fit: Nigeria National Results Framework Leadership, Governance, Research Quality of Care Human Resources NHIS NHSDP Priority Areas Packaging NHIS data Evidence- based HR coverage MDRs Findings Evidence- based planning Maternal death audits and MMR E4A Areas of Support

15 Roles and responsibilities of the Advisory Committee

16 …You are MNH champions! InfluenceExpertiseNetworksDiversityPassion Qualities of our members

17 Provide strategic direction Track progress on operational plan Governance and oversight Facilitate productive linkages Be an E4A ambassador Roles of advisory members

18 9 individuals M&E specialist to provide additional input Membership is on a voluntary basis, with travel and accommodation expenses provided Location of meetings to vary Twice-annual meetings Practicalities

19 Provide written recommendations to country team, TSU and E4A programme director within one week of each meeting Contribute remotely through virtual meetings, email, the website and the blog Committee members will be provided with secretarial support and regular updates on E4A activities Responsibilities

20 Update on the Country Operational Plan By Dr Tunde Segun Country Director

21 The Commission on Information and Accountability (COIA) for Women’s and Children’s Health sets the international architecture through which E4A will be implemented across each country, including in Nigeria Introduction

22 Introduction contd. E4A’s mandate to reduce maternal and newborn mortality by galvanising greater action and responses through more effective use of MNH evidence, better advocacy, and strengthened accountability mechanisms, is directly aligned with the overall aim of COIA, to save the lives of women and children through monitoring, reviewing, and acting, and linking accountability of resources to results, outcomes, and impact. Introduction contd.

23 Structure of the COP Given the common goals and objectives, the proposed activities for E4A in Nigeria, have been developed using the COIA work plan The COP provides an overview of activities for year one, with many activities overlapping into year two and beyond. Structure of the COP

24 Structure of the COP contd. There are a number of avenues at the Federal and State level through which E4A initiatives, learnings, and progress can be shared and guidance provided including the the Core Technical Committee (CTC) of IMNCH, the National Reproductive Health Working Group (NRHWG), Partnership for the Promotion of Maternal and Child Health (PPMNCH) among other working groups Activities

25 While E4A activities have been framed under each of the COIA areas, they are not bound by them In addition, the activities have been organised according to elements within the Theory of Change on evidence, advocacy, and accountability, and are reflective, and directly supportive, of initiatives under Nigeria’s National Strategic Health Development Plan (NSHDP) Activities

26 The evidence-focused activities for E4A have been structured around the following COIA areas: – 2.1 (Monitoring of 11 Core Results Indicators) – 2.2 (Strengthening Registration of Birth and Deaths) – 2.3 (Quality of Care Assessments) – 2.4 (Tracking of Resources) – 2.5 (Digital Health Strategy) Evidence activities

27 Evidence activities contd. – 2.6 (Annual Review and Action) – 5.0 (Analysis and Reporting on Results) – 6.0 (Analysis and Reporting on Resources) – 7.0 (Dissemination, Interpretation, and Use of Data) – 8.0 (Global Digital Health Strategy) Evidence activities contd.

28 Advocacy activities As with the evidence activities, those around advocacy have been articulated under the following COIA areas: – 2.7 (Advocacy) – 4.0 (Advocacy and Outreach) – 3.0. (Galvanising Commitment) Advocacy activities

29 Accountability activities Under the COIA work plan, only one key area has been defined for accountability work. Although all E4A-supported accountability efforts in Nigeria are clustered within this COIA area, they are integrally linked to and based on evidence and advocacy efforts. – 1.0 (Country Plans to Augment Accountability) Accountability activities

30 COP Layout COIA activity area Proposed E4A activity in Nigeria Sub-activity (where necessary) Proposed timeframe PartnersLead country team member Total activity cost for year 1 COP Layout

31 COIA activity area Proposed E4A activity in Nigeria Sub- activity (where necessar y) Proposed timeframe PartnersLead country team member Total activity cost for year 1 2.2. Strengthening registration of births and deaths 2.2.1. Conduct secondary analysis on 2006 census data (including a post enumeration survey question on the number of pregnancy related deaths) to estimate maternal deaths at sub- national levels. Consultant to conduct secondary analysis XCD££ COP Layout example


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