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Alejandro Martínez Erick Castillo Giuliana Villegas

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1 Alejandro Martínez Erick Castillo Giuliana Villegas
Ozone Layer Alejandro Martínez Erick Castillo Giuliana Villegas

2 Concept of Ozone Layer Is a layer in Earths atmosphere which contains a lot of concentration of ozone (O3). This layer absorbs 97-99% of the suns ultraviolet light, which is damaging the life on earth.

3 Characteristics The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere
Contains relatively high concentrations of ozone (O3) Without the ozone layer, ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the Sun would not be stopped The layer sits at an altitude of about kilometers

4 Formation The ozone layer is created in the stratosphere, when highly energetic solar radiation strikes molecules of oxygen (O2) and causes the two oxygen atoms to split apart. If a free atom joins into another O2 is forming the ozone. This process is known as Photolysis.

5 Destruction When CFCs and HCFCs reach the stratosphere, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun causes them to break apart and release chlorine atoms which react with ozone, starting chemical cycles of ozone destruction that deplete the ozone layer. One chlorine atom can break apart more than 100,000 ozone molecules.

6 Other Chemicals that affect the Layer
Methyl Bromide: used as pesticide Halons: used in fire extinguishers Methyl Chloroform: used as a solvent in industrial processes for essential applications

7 Importance of the Ozone Layer
The Ozone Layer acts as a shield for us from very harmful UV rays. If we damage the Ozone Layer we would put ourselves in a big risk. Without the Ozone Layer we wouldn't be able to survive. Exposure to UV rays causes skin cancer, damages crops, harms ocean life and polar shifting. Without the Ozone Layer the risk of these things would greatly increase.

8 How our actions are destroying the layer?
Products in spray destroys the Ozone Layer, because this uses chlorofluorocarbons that are chemicals that lasts 100 years in ozone layer and destroys it. Also there is CFC; it is highly used as a coolant in refrigerators and air conditioners. This reacts with an ozone molecule, taking an oxygen atom with it and leaving a normal oxygen molecule.

9 Ozone Hole The ozone hole is a region of exceptionally depleted ozone in the stratosphere over the Antarctic that happens at the beginning of Southern Hemisphere spring.

10 Greenhouse Effect The greenhouse effect is a process by which radiative energy leaving a planetary surface is absorbed by some atmospheric gases, called greenhouse gases. They transfer this energy to other components of the atmosphere.

11 Greenhouse Effect & Ozone Layer
The Ozone Layer is made to protect us from the UV Rays, but this layer is destroying and the UV Rays are entering but they are trapped on the layer, and this means a big risk for our lives.

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13 Thank You

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