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Allied Electronics Corporation (ATN, ATNP) Powertech Investor Day – 9 February 2007 Robert Venter, Chief Executive.

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1 Allied Electronics Corporation (ATN, ATNP) Powertech Investor Day – 9 February 2007 Robert Venter, Chief Executive

2 Our profile Telecoms Information Technology Multi-media and Power Electronics

3 Group structure ** Telecoms, Multi-media, Information Technology (TMT) Information TechnologyPower Electronics Market Cap: R 6.7bn Employees: 3344 CEO: Craig Venter Market Cap: R 2.3bn Employees: 2720 CEO: David Redshaw Market Cap: N/A Employees: 4974 CEO: Norbert Claussen JSE listed * * CEO: Robert Venter Revenue: over R 15bn Market cap: R 12.4bn Employees: ± 11,000 Venter Family: 62.7% voting control 32.2% economic control Based on share prices of 8 February %59%100% *

4 Management structure RE Venter (46) CEO & Chairman of Executive Committee, Altron DC Radley (40) CFO, Altron CG Venter (43) CEO, Altech N Claussen (45) CEO, Powertech PD Redshaw (64) CEO, BTG PMO Curle (60) Corporate Finance Dr. WP Venter (71) Chairman Altron Dr. HA Serebro (66) Snr. Executive Director Office of the Chairman Executive Committee D Ramaphosa (49) Group Executive, Corporate Affairs

5 Products and services TELECOMMUNICATIONS Cellular telephony, vehicle tracking and recovery systems. Design, installation and commissioning of MOTOROLA two-way radio equipment and systems. MULTIMEDIA & ELECTRONICS VAR’s of electronic components and products. Design and manufacture of digital satellite decoders and software applications. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EFTPOS terminals, telecom software solutions, GSM pre-paid vouchers and smart-card technology systems. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Microsoft licensing & systems integrator. Independent IT consulting services and solutions. Network solutions & maintenance. ERP implementation. Exclusive distributor of NCR products (ATMs), services and implementation of EFT applications and scanners. Desktop services and support. Remote monitoring of IT facilities. Exclusive partner of XEROX office products and supplier of document management services. Exclusive partner in Sub Sahara Africa of ALCATEL for voice and data products. Electronic switching & transactions processing for the medical industry. POWER ELECTRONICS Medium- and low-voltage power cables. Power and distribution transformers. Automotive, traction batteries and DC power systems. Electrical accessories and insulation materials Lighting control gear. Copper, Optical Fibre and Data cable. Standby power and rectifier systems. Solar systems. Altech Powertech BTG

6 Primary market verticals Consumer Telecoms Financial institutions Building and construction Power infrastructure Mining Telecoms Transport Financial institutions Corporates Education Retail

7 Empowerment partners AltechBTGPowertech Pamodzi * 28% AltechNamITech 25.01% Altech Data Key principal: Ndaba Ntsele, Solly Sithole Kagiso Ventures * 27% BTG SA Key principals: Roger Jardine, Afzal Patel Izingwe Capital * 30% Aberdare Cables (in consortium with Matomo) Key principal: Sipho Pityana Kagiso 25.1% Battech Key principals: Roger Jardine Afzal Patel Wiphold 20% ABB SA - 10% ABB Powertech Transformers Key principal: Louisa Mojela Power Matla 25.05% Desta Power Matla Key principal: Solly Moloko Mahogany Capital 25.1% Calidus Whiteleys Key principal: Taurai Muranda * anchor partners

8 Financial summary (for the 6 months ended 31 August 2006) R millionsAug 06Aug 05% change Revenue EBITDA Operating profit Operating margin (%) HEPS (cents) Diluted HEPS (cents) RONA35.9%24.0% Cash on hand

9 Altron balance sheet ratios Aug-06Aug-05 Return on capital employed (operating income: debt and equity) 31.4%23.5% Return on equity (attributable income: equity)23.5%16.8% Return on operating assets22.4%18.0% Return on net assets35.9%24.0%

10 Subsidiary company results (for the 6 months ended 31 August 2006) * JSE listed Revenue: R3.0bn32% Heps: 64c140% Op profit: R272m114% Cash: R338m Op margin 5.5%8.9% ROCE: 16.2%30.4% Revenue: R3.3bn13% Heps: 197c9% Op profit: R289m16% Cash: R1,272m Op margin 8.5%8.7% ROCE: 29.4%32.3% Revenue: R2.0bn15% Heps: 58c25% Op profit: R157m23% Cash: R(83)m Op margin 7.5%8.0% ROCE: 44.1%38.9% Shareholding 57.7% Shareholding 57.8% Shareholding: 100% * * *

11 Subsidiary contribution to growth Revenue bridge * Operating profit bridge * Headline earnings bridge * Excludes corporate & financial services R m

12 Contribution per subsidiary RevenueOperating profit *Headline earnings AltechBTGPowertech Aug 06Aug 05Aug 06Aug 05Aug 06Aug 05 40% 23% 37% 42% 25% 33% 41% 22% 38% 50% 26% 25% 32% 16% 48% 45% 17% 32% Corporate & financial 4% 6% Rm * Corporate and financial Aug 06 & Aug 05 = (1%)

13 Strategic philosophies Improve existing operations Expand organically Acquire and dispose Allocate capital Strategic alliances Ownership of IPR Annuity income Value added services Market leadership / Critical mass Quality / Sustainability of Income Superior human capital Global expansion in niche markets Black Economic Empowerment Increase shareholder value

14 10 year track record 10yr CAGR 12% Revenue Net asset value per share HEPS Dividends per share 10yr CAGR 12.5% 10yr CAGR 12.6% 10yr CAGR 14.0%

15 Key external growth drivers for the group Infrastructure spend Technology convergence Financial sector Global footprint

16 Infrastructure spend  Eskom expenditure and expansion continues  Gautrain commenced - cross group opportunities with first orders received  Building and construction industry activity remains buoyant but shift from residential to commercial  Local municipalities upgrading infrastructure for compliance  Soccer world cup projects commencing (upgrading of stadiums, activity in hospitality industry, infrastructure etc.)  Strength of resources allowing greater expenditure by mining industry  Global trend in infrastructure development  Conclusion of JV with Reunert allows exposure to telecoms infrastructure

17 Fixed investment trends Y-o-y % change in GDFI% of gdp

18 Eskom capacity project funnel Source: Eskom

19 Thank you

20 Powertech Investor Relations Day 9 February 2007 Norbert Claussen, CEO Powertech

21 Powertech Operational Structure Hans MeiringLeon ViljoenKevin Burger Pierre Nothard Norbert Claussen SA

22 Powertech R millionsix month to Aug 31Aug 06Aug 05% change Revenue Operating profit Operating margin8.9%5.5% Headline earnings Cash

23 Prop. Consolidation R m 3,737 3,790 3,332 R m , Revenue Operating income 1,7641, ,0311,9192,305 Revenue and operating income , ,

24 Segmental revenue (excludes intergroup) Aug 06 R1 535m R2 149m R188m* R262m* R361m R375m R260m Aug 05 Revenue Growth 3 year CAGR Industrial Group17% PT Battery Group4%7% Transformers*39%14% Cables40%25% * Proportionally consolidated R222m 32% Total: 20%

25 Segmental results by market sector Revenue Fully consolidated 46% 18% 7% 29% 51% 5% 13% 31%

26 Powertech Capex and Capacity Utilisation Average capex over last 3 years Capacity Increase over last 3 years Current utilisation of manufacturing capacity Capex planned over next 3 years Aberdare CablesR 172m35%90%R 250m Transformer Group R 35m19%90%R 85m Battery GroupR 60m-95%R 170m Industrial GroupR 18m18%90%R 30m TotalR 285mR 535m * Plant modernisation * Further increase in capacity of 25-30%

27 Metals management  Philosophy  Protect the Rand margin  Contractual escalation clauses CPA’s - Copper - Aluminium - Lead - Core steel  Cover materials on fixed price orders  Manage the average cost vs market price gap on upward and downward trends  Metals procurement based on  LME and exchange rate = RCP on copper  LME aluminium  LME lead  Core steel (international pricing)  ROE R/$

28 Change in commodity prices Copper price movement Aluminium price movement

29  ABB Transformer technology  Draka Optical fibre  Eaton Batteries  Enersys Rectifiers  Omron Industrial automation  Tridonic Lighting control gear  Von Roll Isola High temperature insulation material  Weidman Transformer insulation material Overseas principals

30 Fixed capital formation growth and forecast Lag of 2-3 years on GDFI dependent on mix

31 Opportunities: Eskom and municipalities  Capacity constraints leading to interruptions in power supply  Demand starts exceeding supply: capacity of 36,000 MW vs >34,000 MW demand  Resulting blackout, eg. Cape Town  Ageing power infrastructure  Eskom and municipalities need to upgrade urgently, installed infrastructure past its sell-by date.  Eskom spend increased from R 84bn by R13bn to R 97bn over next 5 years, including  > R11.5bn for new generation  > R 12bn for Transmission  > R 14bn for distribution  Restructuring of electricity distribution industry into REDs will open up opportunities for Powertech  Electrification  Power for all by housing electrification needs no less than R2.5bn/a for electrification.

32 Opportunities: Building and Construction Industry  Strong demand for property continues (building plans passed, info to follow)  Government and major banks committed R42bn to provide low cost housing  Development of shopping complexes, golf estates, etc. across the country  Soccer World Cup 2010  Major upgrades in infrastructure, ie. Stadia, accommodation, roads, etc. Building intentions vs rate of completions Private residential buildings Building intentions vs rate of completions Private non- residential buildings

33 Telecommunications  Telkom announced another R 25.1bn capex over the next 4 years in order to increase the capacity of its network  Neotel (SNO) has commenced its rollout  African cellular expansion  Nigeria  East Africa

34 Fixed vs mobile subscriber growth in Africa Source: BMI-T, 2005 Thousands of subscribers

35 Opportunities: Transport Industry  Transnet increased its 5year capex plan to R 64.5bn (increase by R27.5bn), including  Rail infrastructure R11.2bn  Ports R18.6bn  Rail operations R20.3bn  Metrorail upgrades announced  Gautrain planning progressing, estimated spend of R26bn

36 Threats  Low cost imports: China, India, Brazil  Skills attrition and availability – technical skills is a global problem  Availability of raw materials such as copper, aluminium, core steel, etc.  HIV/Aids impact on population and skills  Delays in project implementation re infrastructure spend  Impact of interest rate hike on Building and Construction Industry

37 Vehicle parc

38 Summary of prospects  Powertech will benefit from the infrastructure growth in SA  Eskom spend on generation, transmission and distribution  Municipal power infrastructure upgrades and expansion  Building and Construction Developments  African Cellular Communications Growth  Drive VCO project to achieve savings in logistics costs across the group  Ongoing development and sourcing of skills to support Powertech‘s expansion  Continue search for synergistic and profitable acquisition targets including profitable services businesses

39 Aberdare Cables Powertech Investors Relations Day – 9 February 07 Hans Meiring, CEO

40 Aberdare History  Founded in Port Elizabeth  Sold to NKF  Phillips incorporation  Aycliffe Cables acquisition  Copper telecommunication  Optical fibre plant  Contronics Cables acquisition  ASEA/Scottish Cables merger  Alcobre acquisition  Delta Cables acquisition  SA PVC acquisition (Voltex)  Lambda Cables acquisition  Aberdare Intelec founded  Cables de Comunicaciones  Aberdare Network Services established  Corning equity deal  Izingwe equity deal  Technology Integrated Solutions est  Greenhills Distribution Centre est  60 TH Anniversary  ATC/Aberdare Joint Venture- 2007

41 Aberdare facts and figures  Major shareholders : Powertech & Izingwe  Locations: RSA, Mozambique, Portugal & Spain  Core Business: Cable & Solutions  Sales Revenues: R m / US $ 570 m  Employees: 2600  Structure: Sales-led Functional Organization  Manufacturing Facilities: Pietermaritzburg, Gauteng, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Maputo, Oporto, Zaragoza  Asset Base: R 1225 m US $ 175 m  Sales & Distribution : Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Middelburg, Welkom, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, East London, Bloemfontein, Durban, Upington, Maputo, Oporto, Lisbon, Madrid, Zaragoza, Hong Kong, Australia, Ghana, Namibia  Technology Partners :Tyco/Raychem: Cable USA, Draka Cables

42 Aberdare Operating Structure CJ Meiring CEO CC Woolard Exec. Dir. Finance J W Yuill Exec. Dir. Technical IT Millar Exec. Dir. Human Capital CJ Nichol Exec. Dir. Sales S Sibeko Exec. Dir. Marketing JO Kidson Exec. Dir. Manufacturing J V Victor Dir. Value Chain Management SP Jones Dir. Strategic Projects E Visser MD. Technology Int. Services

43 Market Segments  Utilities  ESKOM  Transmission  Distribution  Generation  Mining Houses  Railways & Harbours  General industry  Building & Construction  Exports  Telkom SA  Second Network Operator  Railways  Mining Houses  Private telecom networks  General industry  IT & Surveillance installation markets  GSM Networks  Exports Power Telecom & Data

44 Products  LV, MV & HV XLPE cable  MV PILC cable  Elastomeric cable  PVC cable  O/H conductors  Aerial bundle cable  Fire Cables  Copper rod  Conform profiles  Cable accessories  Copper telecom cable  OF telecom cable  Industrial telecom cable  Instrumentation cable  Railway Signaling cable  Data cable  Fire cables  Pigtails & Patch cords  Cable accessories Power Telecom & Data

45  Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, Nigeria, DR Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, Guinea, Mali, Tanzania, Sudan, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Mozambique, Zanzibar, Madagascar  Australia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Philippines  UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain  United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland  Portugal, France, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Sweden  Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru  USA, Canada Aberdare Export Markets

46 Market Shares – SA Power Cable Market Other Mtec African Aberdare

47 Aberdare Strategic Plan

48 1.Customer Relationship Management 2.Broad Based BEE 3.Technology Innovation 4.Talent Management 5.Operational & Functional Excellence 6.Global Growth 7.Value Chain Optimisation Aberdare Group Strategic Intent Drivers Sustainable Value Creation and Growth through:

49 Aberdare 2010 and beyond strategic plan concept summary … “ FROM GOOD TO GREAT towards 2010 and beyond......”

50 Consolidation / Rationalization Telecoms Operations  Aberdare/ATC Joint Venture completed January 2007  Created World Class Company with the best machinery and processes  Ability to explore manufacturing opportunities in Africa with spare plant from the Joint Venture  Secured Technology Partners for new Joint Venture in Europe

51 Cost Effectiveness  Consolidation of Power Operations:  Product/Process/Staff - functional rationalisation (multi-site)  Quality Improvements – BASEC ISO 9000 & ISO  Time utilisation improvements  Stock control refined with SAP  Process technology installed  People skills upgraded in line with process improvements

52 Backward Integration  Own manufacture of Copper Rod (Phase 1)  State-of-the-art vertical casting lines  tons/annum EC rod capacity  Ability to cast specilialised copper alloys (Spoornet contact wire)  Own Manufacture of Aluminium Rod (Phase 2)  EC aluminium for general conductors  Aluminium alloys for overhead conductors (Eskom)  Continuous Metal Forming (Conform) (Phase 1)  Solid profiled aluminium conductors  Rectangular copper strip for transformer windings  Polymer Compounding  In-line polyolefin grafting (Phase 2)  PVC insulating and sheathing compounds (Phase 1)  Local mixing of PILC PIB impregnate (Phase 2)

53 Operational Excellence  Lean Production:  Cost of Production  Measurements – Balanced Score Card  Value Stream mapping  Drives improvement activities  Mission Directed Work Teams  Mini Businesses  Quality, Speed, Cost, Morale  Ownership and accountability  Complete Plant efficiency  Time, Performance, Quality  Kaizen activities  Continuous improvement

54 Technology Integrated Solutions  Cable accessories  Joints & terminations  Connections & fittings  Insulation & protection  Substation  O/H line protection  LV & MV Bus insulation  Insulators  Surge arrestors  Electronics  Cable harnesses  Turnkey Solutions  Physical fibre management systems  Spice closure organizers  Heat shrink splice closures  Watertight reusable closure systems  Modular connection systems  Fibre optic enclosures  Terminal boxes  Premise wiring components  GSM system components  OPGW line components  Turnkey Solutions Raychem Power NetworksTelecommunication Networks

55 Product Development  Advanced Fire Cables  Unarmoured flame retardant energy OCGT cables (Eskom)  Zero-halogen flame-retardant RZA1-K cables (Spain)  Railway Cables  Track-side LV copper signalling cables for high speed trains (Spain)  Track-side 3 kV energy cables for railway networks (Spain and SA)  Anti-theft copper-clad-steel earth bonding cable (Spoornet & Eskom)  Anti-theft contact wire (Spoornet)  HV Cables  66 kV XLPE-insulated cables  Overhead Conductors  Compacted ACSR transmission conductors  All aluminium alloy (AAAC) transmission conductors  High-temperature ACSR conductors  3 kV aerial cables for deep rural electrification

56 B 3 E 2

57 Key Growth Drivers for Aberdare  Infrastructure spend - Power, Telecommunications and Transport  Demand for Turnkey Solutions  Support Service Delivery for upliftment in South Africa  Building and Construction  Industrial Expansion  Mining Development

58 Aberdare Growth Base “FROM GOOD TO GREAT”  Aberdare Metallic Profiles Expansion  Aberdare Power Cables Increased Capacity  Establishment of Technology Integrated Services  Expansion of Alcon Marepha Cables  Aberdare / ATC Joint Venture  International Expansion  Acquisitions  TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION ACROSS ALL OPERATIONS  VALUE CHAIN OPTIMISATION ACROSS ALL OPERATIONS  LEADERSHIP AND TALENT MANAGEMENT WITHIN THE GROUP

59 Aberdare Cables…..Geared for Growth! Thank you

60 Powertech Transformers Powertech Investors Relations Day – 9 February 07 Leon Viljoen, CEO

61 Shareholding 25.05%74.95% 50% 100% Power Matla

62 Revenue

63 Total Market Share – South Africa Market size Power Transformers excluding 765 kV – R1 279M

64 Total Market Share – South Africa Market size Distribution Transformers – R1 190M 2%

65 Market Share – Sub Sahara Africa Market size: R180M 38% 16% 8% 50%

66 Power Transformers: Nature of the Market Place

67 Distribution Transformers: Nature of the Market Place

68 Arial View of Pretoria West Site

69 Sites  Booysens, Johannesburg  Epping, Cape Town

70 Plant Capacity:10 500MVA pa Human Resources:580 Replacement Value of Plant & Machinery:$200 million Site Area:74 000m² Area under Cover:27 500m² Technology: Sourced from International ABB Group but resides locally Accreditation:ISO Quality ISO Environmental Listing ISO – Health & Safety listing Profile: Power Transformers

71 Profile: Distribution Transformers Plant Capacity:3 000MVA pa Sites:Booysens, Cape Town and Pretoria West Empowerdex Rating (B3E2):BBB Human Resources:526 Lean Implementation: Technology: Currently locally developed Quality:ISO 9001: 2000 listed ISO Environmental Listing – Cape Town

72 Power Transformers: Product Range  Power transformers up to 800MVA 3 Phase at 500kV  Shunt reactors up to 500kV  Industrial transformers - full range  Condenser bushings up to 132kV 650 BIL  Installation, commissioning and site service  Laboratory and equipment calibration services

73 330MVA Generator Step-up Transformer Midlothian Power Plant - USA

74 Distribution Transformers: Product Range  Small distribution transformers from 16kVA to 315kVA up to 33kV  Medium Distribution Transformers from 400kVA to 3150kVA up to 66kV  Large Distribution Transformers up to 20MVA 132kV  Miniature Substations up to 1600kVA

75 Distribution Transformers: Miniature Substation

76 Training Centre

77 Lean Manufacturing

78 Key Challenges  Retention of skills  Technical  Artisans  Low cost Competitors  Power Transformers – India and China  Distribution Transformers – Brazil, China and Thailand  Availability of raw materials  Core Steel  Transformer Insulation  Transformer Oil

79 Thank you for your time

80 Powertech Batteries Powertech Investors Relations Day – 9 February 07 Kevin Burger, CEO

81 Business Group Management Powertech Batteries CEO Kevin Burger Battery Technologies MD Tshepo Molope Powertech Batteries CFO Greg Mons Powertech Batteries Mktg Dir Murray Long Powertech Batteries Manufacturing COO Hannes Viljoen Dynamic Battery Services MD Bob Bell

82 Contribution to Group Performance (2005/06) R m

83 Where you will find us  Sales & Distribution Outlets  South Africa: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Klerksdorp, Bloemfontein, Pinetown, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town  Namibia: Windhoek  Nigeria: Lagos  UK: Skelmersdale  Manufacturing  Port Elizabeth Sales & Distribution Manufacturing

84 Product Range

85 Branding

86 What we do – products & markets  Automotive Batteries (Manufacturing & Marketing)  Surface & Mining Traction Batteries (Manufacturing & Marketing)  Standby & Stationary Batteries (Manufacturing & Marketing)  Miners Cap Lamps (Manufacturing & Marketing)  Solar Energy Solutions (Distribution & Marketing)  Photovoltaic Energy Sources  Solar Hot Water Systems  Telecoms Power Systems (Distribution & Marketing)  Rectifiers  Batteries  DC Power Solutions (Service Provision & Marketing)  Lamp Room Management  Battery Bay Management

87 Who we do it with – Some of our Major Customers  Automotive  SupaQuick,  Speedy,  Midas,  Ford,  VW,  Nissan, Fiat,  BMW, GM,  Isuzu,  Land Rover,  AutoZone,  Diesel Electric,  Robert Bosch  Trentyre …

88 Who we do it with – Some of our Major Customers  Industrial  Hyster,  Jungheirich,  Toyota,  Linde ….  Mining  Anglo Platinum,  Anglo Gold,  Harmony,  Goldfields,  Impala Platinum,  Anglo Coal ….

89 Who we do it with – Some of our Major Customers  Standby & Stationary  Eskom  Standard Bank  Nedbank  First Nat’l Bank  Business Connection  Meissner …  Telecommunications  Vodacom,  CelTel,  Cell Plus Mauritius,  Telkom …

90 Market Opportunities  Power Supply Issues:  Solar Solutions Solar Hot Water Systems Water Pumping Low Level Electrification  UPS Solutions Banking Medical Security General Power  Clean Energy:  Battery Powered Vehicles Mining Materials Handling (Shoprite, Woolworths, DFB, etc) Commuter Vehicles  Telecoms Rollout:  Sub Saharan Africa Primary Rollout Replacement Cycle Regional Exploitation by Battery Technologies, East and West Africa Hubs  South Africa Replacement Cycle  Automotive Car Parc  Record Sales in 2006 = record demand for replacement batteries in 2010  R110.0m investment in plant & equipment to exploit anticipated demand growth.  Resources Demand:  Rapid expansion of mining sector, with associated demand for DC Power

91 Challenges  Skills availability  Imports of low-cost alternatives  Raw Material shortages & associated price pressures  Reliable Power Supplies to manufacturing facilities

92 Corporate Social Investment

93 Powertech Industrial Powertech Investors Relations Day – 9 February 07 Pierre Nothard, CEO

94 Group Structure Industrial Group R 434 m 63% Strike 17%10%

95 Group Products Domestic & Commercial Switches & Sockets. Circuit Breakers. Conduit. Lighting. Home Automation. Energy Meters. Electrical Protection Relays. Surge Protection Equipment. Insulation Monitoring and Portable Testing Equipment. Omron Range of Industrial Control Components. (Relays, Timers, Sensors) Factory Automation Products (PLCs, HMIs and Invertors). Manufacture & Market Electrical Metering & Protection Products and Services. Market Process Control & Automation Equipment to the Manufacturing and OEM Industries. Manufacture & Market Electrical Products for the Building Industry. Cellulose Based Insulation Materials. Enamel Covered Copper Wire. Flexible laminates. Resins and Varnishes. Manufacture & Market Electrical & Thermal Insulation Materials to Industry.

96 Crabtree Site Aerial View SITE AREA34000 sqm MANUFACTURING AREA16400 sqm

97 Group Markets Panel Manufacturers Systems Integrators Panel Manufacturers Residential, Commercial and Industrial Building Owners and Tenants Food and Beverage Producers. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. Process Controlled Manufacturing Industries. Manufacturing System OEMs. Municipalities. Utilities. Electric Motor Manufacturers. Industrial Control Panel Installers. Transformer Manufacturers. Electric Motor Manufacturers and Repairers. Furnace Manufacturers & Users. Wholesalers Contractors Principal Markets

98 Direct to Market 100% Distribution Electrical Wholesalers & Retail Distributors 100% Wholesalers & Panel Builders 43% Direct to Market 57% OEM’s 80% Direct to Market 20%

99 Product Sourcing & Partnerships Local Development & Manufacture: 98% Imports: 2% Imports: 100% Local Development & Assembly: 95% Imports: 5% International Partners R.E.S. Protecta. P C Electric International Partners Omron SIEI P C Electric FineTek International Partners Schrack Conatel Galon Holder Ningbo Imports: 80% Local: 20% International Partners VonRoll Weidmann

100 Group, 5 - Year History 15.2% 12.9% 5.0% 21.7 %

101 Challenges  Commoditisation: Imports from Low Cost Countries.  Smaller Organisations: Critical Mass.  Human Resources: Skills.  Infrastructure Spend.  Acquisitions.  New Products & Services. Opportunities

102 Competitive Advantage  Crabtree Product Range, aesthetics and quality.  Strike Product for local conditions and technical support.  Powertech Calidus Some local development and turnkey project management.  Yelland Control Product range and specialisation in food and beverage market.

103 TRIDONIC.ATCO SA Investors Relations Day – 9 February 07


105 TRIDONIC ATCO SA.  Tridonic.Atco SA > 50% owned by Powertech and 50% Tridonic.Atco Austria.  Suppliers of control gear to the lighting industry\ lighting solutions  Annual Turn over > RM 80.  Market Share in SA > 62%.  Total employees in SA > 20 heads.  Operations : Head office in JHB, Sales\ distribution Cape Town, National sales representation through agents and distributers

106 TRIDONIC.ATCO SA Customer Base  National Light fitting manufactures  Electrical Wholesalers\contractors.  End users  Utilities such as municipalities  Eskom \ DSM.  C.E.F  Export markets,  China light and power  Mauritius electrical utilities  Botswana\Zimbabwe\Zambia\Mozambique\Swaziland.

107 Competitive Edge  State of the art products\ magnetic and electronic ballasts,LED’s, emergency gear for all lighting applications  Full technical back-up and service  Wide product range  Building Management systems\ etc  Extensive project experience  Ability to compete in competitive African markets  Quality rated product, VE, ENEC, IEC (quality and performance ratings)  Strong Branding  International support.

108 Opportunities for Tridonic Atco SA  ESKOM energy saving drive nationally  The strength of the building industry  World cup 2010, stadium lighting plus other add on’s  Gautrain roll out  Scope for new technologies LED’S etc

109 D61 D96 OM PAK powerCONTROL PCI POWER SUPPLY UNITS OMBIS OGLIS ZRM powerCONTROL PCI CONTROL GEAR for high pressure lamps PC COMBO EM Basic Batteries EM Selftest EM Pro EMERGENCY LIGHTING MODULES for fluorescent lamps modularDIM comfortDIM smartDIM winDIM PCA ECO PCA EXCEL DIGITAL DIMMING PC PRO PC Compact EC A50 PCE 011 PC PRO T5 LP CONTROL GEAR for fluorescent lamps LED Spot LED RGB LED Converters powerLED strip modules spaceLED LED-MODULES and CONTROL GEAR TE-DC TE one4all TE speedy OMTA TMDD TRANSFORMERS Crimping technology Contact joint connector Spring connector Concut SLK 3 CONNECTION TECHNOLOGY Capacitors CAPACITORS A complete range of components

110 Ligth chainspowerLED strip modulesLED Spot LED RGB LED controlsLED converters With LED, everybody has his own idea

111 LED

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