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The Cally Plan Team Cally Ward Partnership Public Meeting June 2013.

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1 The Cally Plan Team Cally Ward Partnership Public Meeting June 2013

2 What will the Cally Plan be? Setting the scene: Council’s strategic policies for the area Challenges and opportunities for the Cally Main proposed sections of the Cally Plan Getting your views on the Cally(question forms/ maps) What will happen next

3 It will focus on an area along Caledonian Road from Regent’s Cannel north to Pentonville Prison Set out a vision for the future of the Cally. Set out practical steps for achieving the vision. Build on the strengths of the area and tackle its challenges What will the Cally Plan be?

4 Plan lead by a steering group of local residents, business owners and Councillors Series of meetings with businesses on the Cally to get their views. Walkabout to identify problems areas and issues the plan should address. Research potential improvement projects for the Cally Meetings with council departments e.g. transport, waste What has been done so far?

5 Planning Policy for the Cally Core Strategy 2011 Development Management Policies 2013 Cally Plan Supplementary Planning Document

6 Core Strategy for Kings Cross area Improve east-west connections Utilise the redevelopment of King’s Cross Strengthen Caledonian Road as a shopping area

7 Conservation areas - Conserve and enhance historic buildings Local shopping areas - Protects shops from changing to other uses Policy Designations for the Cally

8 Challenges and opportunities for the Cally Has good public transport access Close to the West End, the City and Kings Cross Central - good location for creative industries and start-ups Redevelopment at King’s Cross and York Way could attract activity away from the Cally Street layout and poor signage creates barriers to moving from York Way to the Cally Cally is used as route through but not a destination The Cally

9 Challenges and opportunities for the Cally Vacant units and some occupied units operate with shutters permanently closed giving the Cally a ‘rundown’ feel. Antisocial behaviour such as cycling on pavements add to negative perception of the Cally Some untidy and neglected sites. Set back buildings break the street frontage and blank walls that create dead street frontage.

10 Challenges and opportunities for the Cally Some high quality attractive shop frontages and redevelopments. Sections of the Cally have a good mix of shops and low vacancy rates e.g. the shops south of Copenhagen St. The Saturday street market brings a new variety of goods to the Cally. The Cally Festival brings locals together and attracts visitors, and helps changes perception of the Cally.

11 Proposed structure of the Cally Plan Marketing and promoting the Cally Design and streetscape Business development Management of the street

12 Marketing and promoting the Cally For example: Through arts and cultural events like the Cally Festival to engage the local community and attract visitors. Creative Projects: Creative lighting scheme under the bridge Bespoke cycle racks that celebrate the Cally’s identity

13 Design and streetscape For example: Environmental improvement projects to tidy up the streetscape, improve linkages and creating new public space - Bemerton Links and Spaces project (BLiS)

14 Design and streetscape 327 Caledonian Road in 2006 and 2013 after high quality restoration Provide design advice for new shopfronts and the development of historic buildings on the Cally.

15 Business development e.g. Management of the street e.g. Waste strategy for the Cally Guidance for location and layout of café seating and advertising A- boards Provide business advice to small and medium size businesses on the Cally help them become more successful.

16 What do you think about the Cally? What do you like about the Cally and why? What do you think should change about the Cally and why? What should the Cally be like in the future? (Your vision for the Cally) Please can you: fill in the question form and mark any relevant locations a map on the back or write on a post-it note and stick it on the large map of the area/or draw on the large map or email me

17 Next steps DatesWork August – September 2013 Formal public consultation on the draft Cally Plan. September – October 2013 Assessing consultation comments and revising the plan accordingly. November- December 2013 Adoption of the plan by the Council’s Executive

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