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By: sabina zamarron Estefania chavez Jennifer Duran Brian santiana.

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1 By: sabina zamarron Estefania chavez Jennifer Duran Brian santiana

2 7-1 Exploring - Spreadsheets  Explain the purpose of spreadsheet soft.  Identify and describe parts of a worksheet.  Summarize key features of spreadsheet software

3 What Is a Spreadsheet?  Suppose you wanted to keep track of all your grades in one of your classes so you could figure out your final average for the class. Spreadsheet programs are the perfect software for doing this kind of work.

4 Definitions  celda  cuadro de una hoja de trabajo donde se cruzan una columna con una fila  cell  the box on a worksheet where each column and row meet

5  Spreadsheet  A software program used for processing numbers that are stored in tables, such as budgets or financial statements  hoja de cálculo programa de software que sirve para procesar números guardados en tablas, como presupuestos o estados financieros Defenitions

6  worksheet  a grid made of vertical columns and horizontal rows in a spreadsheet program  hoja de trabajo  cuadrícula compuesta de columnas verticales y filas horizontales de un programa de hoja de cálculo

7 Definitions  Cell address  a unique name by which each cell on a worksheet is identified  direction de celda  nombre único que identifica una celda de hoja de trabajo

8 Definitions  active cell  the highlighted cell in use in a spreadsheet application  celda activa  celda resaltada que está en uso en una hoja de cálculo

9 Definitions  formula  a mathematical expression used to link and perform calculations on numbers in worksheet cells  fórmula  expresión matemática que sirve para vincular y realizar cálculos de cifras en celdas de hojas de trabajo

10 Definitions  function  a commonly used formula that is built into a spreadsheet program  función  fórmula de uso común que se desarrolla en un programa de hoja de cálculo

11 7–2 Basic Editing Functions  Compare and contrast values and labels in a worksheet.  Describe ways to enter, edit, and format data in a worksheet.  Use a spreadsheet to create a chart.  Evaluate the benefit of printing options

12 Definitions  Label  text or a combination of numbers and text typically used for titles or explanation in a worksheet  rótulo  texto o combinación de números y texto que se usa por lo general como título o explicación en una hoja de trabajo

13 Definitions  AutoFill  a spreadsheet command that automatically enters related, sequential data (such as the days of the week) into a connected set of cells  AutoRellenar  comando en una hoja de cálculo que introduce automáticamente datos afines en serie en un conjunto de celdas vinculadas (por ejemplo, los días de la semana)

14 Definition  chart  a graphical image, such as a pie or a set of columns, used to visually display numerical data, making it easy to understand and analyze  diagrama  imagen gráfica, como una gráfica circular o de columnas, que sirve para mostrar visualmente datos numéricos y facilitar así su comprensión y análisis

15 Definition  print area  a portion of a worksheet intended to be printed  área de impresión  parte de una hoja de trabajo que habrá de imprimirse

16 Definition  value  a number, such as a whole number, a fraction, or decimal  Valor  un número, que puede seuna fracción o un número decimalr un número entero,

17 7–3 Using Formulas  Construct a simple formula using one or more operators.  Explain the importance of the order of evaluation.  Evaluate the benefit of building formulas using cell references.  Describe how to use the automatic summing function

18 Definition  orden de evaluación  regla que indica a una hoja de cálculo qué operación es la que debe llevar a cabo primero en una fórmula con varias operaciones  order of evaluation  the rule that tells a spreadsheet program which operation to do first in a multiple- operation formula

19 Definition  cell reference  the shorthand command that tells a spreadsheet program to use the information inside a certain cell  referencia de celda  comando abreviado que pide a un programa de hoja de cálculo usar la información contenida en cierta celda

20 Questions  Both spreadsheets and word can be used to make tables. Which kind of programs would be more effective and efficient for making a budget a movie? Why  The rule that tells a spreadsheet program which operation to do first in a mutiple operation.

21  What appears in a cell when you enter a formula in it.  When you are done writing the formula,press ENTER. That completes the formula and places the result in the select cell Question

22  What appears in a cell when you enter a formula in it?  In addition to formulas, you can enter three types of data in a worksheet: values labels and dates and times. The spreadsheet program identifies the data type entered and formats it.


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