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GMC Revalidation Consultation 1 March – 4 June 2010.

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1 GMC Revalidation Consultation 1 March – 4 June 2010

2 What is revalidation? ● Revalidation is about providing further assurance that all doctors with a licence are up to date and fit to practise ● Revalidation will not involve a point-in-time assessment of a doctor’s knowledge and skills but will be based on a continuing evaluation of their practice in the context of their everyday working environment ●Revalidation will be based on local systems of annual appraisal over a five year period and will simply affirm periodically what has already been demonstrated through the appraisal process

3 Why we are consulting ● We are consulting on how revalidation should be introduced and not whether it should be introduced ●We want frontline doctors, patients and all those involved or affected to help shape the proposals


5 How revalidation will work Section 1 of the consultation considers: ● Single revalidation process – rather than the twin processes of relicensing/recertification ● Collection and evaluation of information in the workplace through appraisal ● Situations when the Responsible Officer cannot make a positive recommendation ● How revalidation will work for doctors in non- standard roles, e.g. trainees.

6 What doctors, employers and contractors of doctors’ services will need to do Section 2 of the consultation considers: ●Ensuring consistency in appraisal through the Good Medical Practice Framework ●Specialty and general practice standards developed for appraisal ●How Continuing Professional Development will contribute to revalidation ●The responsibilities of employers and organisations that contract doctors’ services

7 Patient and public involvement in revalidation Section 3 of the consultation considers: ●The use of colleague and patient questionnaires in revalidation ●How the GMC can ensure they are used effectively and fairly ●Broader involvement of patients and the public in the revalidation process

8 How and when revalidation will be introduced Section 4 of the consultation considers: ●A managed and targeted approach to introducing revalidation across the UK ●Working in partnership with others – including UK Revalidation Programme Board & Delivery Boards ●How revalidation might be rolled out ●The need for organisational readiness

9 Revalidation – How to have your say GMC website: Email: Post: Revalidation Team, 2nd Floor, Regent’s Place, 350 Euston Road, London NW1 3JN Telephone: 020 7189 5280 Consultation runs to 4 June 2010

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