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Office for Domestic Preparedness Overview Briefing National Governors Association March 13, 2003 Department of Homeland Security Andrew T. Mitchell Acting.

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1 Office for Domestic Preparedness Overview Briefing National Governors Association March 13, 2003 Department of Homeland Security Andrew T. Mitchell Acting Director

2 Strategic Direction National Strategy for Homeland Security Build a national training and evaluation system. Set national standards and guidelines. Measure preparedness with benchmarks and performance measures. Establish a program for certifying preparedness. Increase collaboration, coordination, and cohesion. Require responsbility and accountability. Provide incentives to minimize costs and reward innovation. Balance benefits and costs. Manage risk and allocate resources judiciously. Sustain efforts over the long term.

3 ODP Mission Effective March 1, 2003, the Homeland Security Act of 2002 transferred the Office for Domestic Preparedness (ODP) to the Border and Transportation Security Directorate within the Department of Homeland Security, and assigns ODP with: “The primary responsibility within the executive branch of Government to build and sustain the preparedness of the United States to reduce vulnerabilities, prevent, respond to and recover from acts of terrorism,” including 8 expanded responsibilities.

4 Preparedness Defined Homeland Security Preparedness “A comprehensive national effort encompassing all systems involved in the planning of organizational, operational, and technical measures designed to achieve full and sustainable performance to prevent, disrupt, or deter threats and acts of terrorism; reduce vulnerabilities; mitigate the effects of acts of terror; respond to threats or acts of terrorism; and perform effective remediation and recovery efforts from terrorist attacks throughout the entire conventional and unconventional threat spectrum, including terrorist use of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive weapons of mass destruction (CBRNE WMD).” In light of ODP’s responsibilities and the direction provided in the National Strategy and HSA 2002, ODP has redefined preparedness in a manner that acknowledges the unique characteristics of securing the homeland against threats or acts of terrorism.

5 ODP’s Expanded Responsibilities The Homeland Security Act assigns 8 expanded responsibilities to ODP: Incorporate the national strategy into planning guidance. Support risk analysis and risk management activities. Direct and supervise federal terrorism preparedness grant programs. Coordinate preparedness efforts. Provide training for federal, state and local agencies and international entities. Coordinate and consolidate communications relating to homeland security. Cooperate closely with FEMA. Consolidate terrorism related elements of FEMA’s Office of National Preparedness.

6 Public Law 108-7, Consolidated Appropriations Resolution, 2003 Total: $1.00 B (not including blanket recision of 0.00625%) Grants to states and territories: $400 M Equipment programs: $58.5 M Training: $233 M Exercise: $112 M High Threat Urban Areas: $100 M R&D: $23.5 M Strategic Planning and Technical Assistance: $53 M Management & Administration: $17 M ODP FY03 Appropriation

7 $566.295 M available Each governor-appointed SAA from all 56 U.S. states and territories is eligible to apply for and administer the grant funds. States are required to provide 80% of the equipment funds to local units of government. The Application Kit was posted online March 7, 2003. States have until April 22, 2003 to complete and submit their packages to ODP. FY03 State Homeland Security Grant Program The Application Kit is available at

8 FY03 State Grants Application Timeline Application Kit was approved March 6, 2003. The kit was posted online by noon on Friday, March 7. Within 45 days, states will have their applications submitted to ODP. Within 7 days, applications will be reviewed at ODP. Within 21 days after ODP approval, a grant will be awarded to all states. States strategic plans for FY04 grants deadline is 12/31/03. –Working with Governors and FEMA’s Fire Act activities to coordinate acquisition of proper equipment. 5

9 FY03 State Grants Funds Allocation Total funds available: $566.295 M Training: $29.805 M Equipment: $397.4 M Exercise: $99.35 M Strategic Planning: $39.74 M

10 On March 3, 2003, a letter from Secretary Ridge was sent to the governors of each U.S. state and territory. The following issues were addressed: ODP’s transfer from DOJ to DHS The delegation of new SAA, if needed. It was recommended that the homeland security advisor become the official for oversight and administration of ODP programs. A form to fax back to ODP verifying the SAA. FY03 Application kit availability and timeline for completion. SAA Designation Letter

11 State Homeland Security Program Developed and conducted State Strategy and Assessment Process for all 56 States, Territories and the District of Columbia. Capabilities, Needs & Risk Assessment (Vulnerability, Threat, Public Health). Preponderance of data developed pre-9.11. Single greatest repository of preparedness information. Identified requirements to train 3.5 million responders and conduct over 2,000 exercises. Tailored Plans were developed to deliver assistance to each State, Territory, and the District of Columbia. Process developed with federal, state and local partners.

12 ODP Training Program ODP provides comprehensive combating terrorism training at the awareness, technician, operations, and incident command levels. Training is based on accepted professional standards, and conducted in residence, on-site, or through distance education. In FY03, ODP initiated: Training grants in ’03 to institutionalize awareness-level training at the State level. The Naval Post Graduate School Homeland Security Masters Degree Program. A Performance-Based Training, Exercise and Evaluation Management System. Since 1998 ODP has trained over 215,000 emergency responders.

13 ODP Equipment Program ODP provides formula grants for equipment acquisition, consistent with State Strategies, to state and local agencies to respond to threats or acts of terrorism. Approved Equipment List, including physical security / prevention equipment / systems.ODP has expanded the Approved Equipment List, including physical security / prevention equipment / systems. Pre-Positioned Equipment Program (PEP). Homeland Defense Equipment Reuse (HDER) Program. Domestic Preparedness Equipment Technical Assistance Program (DPETAP). ODP has made over $600 million in grants available to date.

14 ODP has supported conduct of over 175 combating terrorism exercises to date, including the Top Officials (TOPOFF) exercise series. ODP Exercise Program ODP provides expert assistance in design, development, conduct and evaluation of combating terrorism exercises, and delivers: Exercise grant funding and direct support to States to establish exercise programs and conduct exercises. A National Exercise Program, including: National / International Top Officials (TOPOFF) Exercise Series. Regional Exercise Program. National Security Special Event Exercise Program. ODP is working with Federal, State and local partners to implement a performance and threat-based, peer evaluated national homeland security exercise program.

15 ODP Technical Assistance Program ODP provides tailored expert assistance to the Homeland Security community in combating terrorism preparedness, including: Support for Statewide Domestic Preparedness Strategy development and conduct of assessments. Centralized Scheduling and Information Desk (CSID) / Helpline, and homeland security information resources. Support to key public sector associations. Support to meet specific requests outside of training, exercise, and equipment support.

16 Total for ODP: $3.558 B Law enforcement prevention, deterrence and intelligence effort: $500 M Fire Act: $500 M Citizen Corps: $181 M President's FY04 Budget Proposal

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