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yomenosotrosnos túte élellos ellaseellasse ustedustedes.

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2 yomenosotrosnos túte élellos ellaseellasse ustedustedes

3 These are actions that are done to yourself. For example... Dress yourself. Wash your hands. Bathe yourself.

4 Ducharse – to shower Afeitarse – to shave Lavarse – to wash oneself (a body part) Cepillarse (los dientes, el pelo) – to brush (teeth, hair) Peinarse – comb Ponerse – to put on (clothing) Maquillarse – to put make up

5 You put the reflexive pronoun in front of the conjugated reflexive noun Yo me lavo la cara. I wash my face. La niña se pone la chaqueta. The girl puts on her jacket.

6 Then you attach the reflexive pronoun to the 2 nd verb (infinitive verb) Tú necesitas cepillarte los dientes. You need to brush your teeth. Nosotros vamos a ducharnos ahora. We are going to shower now.

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