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Irving Penn Born June, 16, 1917 – Died Oct, 7, 2009.

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1 Irving Penn Born June, 16, 1917 – Died Oct, 7, 2009

2 About Irving  Born June 16, 1917 in Plainfield, New Jersey; by Harry Penn and Sonia Greenberg. Has a younger brother by the name of Author Penn.

3 Early life education  Attended Philadelphia Museum School of industrial art.  Between 1934-1938 he studied drawing, painting, graphics and industrial arts under Alexey Blodivitch while still attending school worked with Alexey Blodivitch at “Harpers Bazar” magazines where he published his drawings.  He moved to New York and became a freelance designer and illustrator.  In 1940, he left New York to become a painter after having been an advertising director.

4 Later On  Irving Penn, later started on his career as a fashion and celebrity photographer working for Vogue magazine. He later used the techniques from his early portraiture work while working at SaksFifth, when he traveled around the world, photographing indigenous people in his portable studios that were in various location.

5 The American Photographer  Most famous for Fashion photographer (Magazines, Vogue) Independent advertising work for Issey Miyuke & Clinique.  Irving Penn believe a photograph out of anything he used food, bones, metal any object or thing he felt that he could bring to life.

6 STYLE  initially intended to become a painter, but at age 26 he took a job designing photographic covers for the fashion magazine Vogue. He began photographing his own ideas for covers and soon established himself as a fashion photographer. Vogue

7 Artist impact on arts history  In July 2005, Penn's work was shown at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC in an exhibit titled "Irving Penn: Platinum Prints.“  Irving Penn is the reason why many photographers take pictures the way they do. He started the classical, elegant trend.

8 Penn’s nude collection  Penn decided to take nude pictures of woman. To display the uniqueness of women. How they’re beautiful inside and out. He called the collection “Irving Penn’s Nudes 1949-1950”

9 Nude Photography

10 THE SIMILARITY  Similarities in photography from the 50s to photography now and the last recent years.

11 Links    ml ml  penn-obituary penn-obituary

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