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27 -AR Verbs Sentences: 1 st, 2 nd & 3 rd Person Singular.

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1 27 -AR Verbs Sentences: 1 st, 2 nd & 3 rd Person Singular

2 First Person Singular Yo - I Use the verb ending “o.” Ejemplos: I speak Spanish well. Yo hablo español bien. I use a computer in class. Yo uso una computadora en clase.

3 1st Person - Continued I do not need new clothes. Yo no necesito ropa nueva. I am not looking at the book. Yo no miro el libro. I am not looking for a blue tie. Yo no busco una corbata azul.

4 2 nd Person Singular Tú – You (fam) Use the verb ending “as.” Ejemplos: You (fam.) are looking at the dress. T ú miras el vestido. You (fam.) do not need a calculator. T ú no necesitas una calculadora.

5 3rd Person Singular él/ella/usted - He/She/You (for) One name Singular noun Use the verb ending “a.”

6 He/She He is looking for a pencil. Él busca un lápiz. She needs a new suit. Ella necesita un traje nuevo.

7 One name Omar does not talk with Miguel. Omar no habla con Miguel. Marisol is looking for an eraser. Marisol busca una goma.

8 Singular Noun The elephant buys a tie. El elefante compra una corbata. The monkey works at the paper store. El mono trabaja en la papelería.

9 The Personal “a” When the direct object of sentence is a person, you must put “a” before it. This is called the personal “a.” Only exists in Spanish. Has no translation in English.

10 Ejemplos I am looking for Julio. Yo busco a Julio. Find the verb and ask “What?” or “Who?” – that will give you the direct object. If it is a “who” then use the personal “a” before the direct object.

11 M ás Ejemplos He is looking at a pretty girl. Él mira a una chica bonita. You (fam.) are looking for Miss Z. Tú buscas a la Srta. Z. I look at the students. Yo miro a los alumnos.

12 A + el = al When using the personal “a”: if the word immediately after “a” is “el” you MUST combine the two and write the contraction “al”! I am looking for the teacher (m.). Yo busco a el profesor. Yo busco al profesor.

13 M ás Ejemplos Anita looks at the boy. Anita mira a el chico. Anita mira al chico. You are looking for Mr. Brown. T ú buscas a el Sr. Brown. Tú buscas al Sr. Brown.

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