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The Political Machine.

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1 The Political Machine

2 Objectives: Explain the role of political machines and political bosses Describe how some politician’s greed and fraud cost taxpayers millions of dollars

As cities grew in the late 19th century, so did political machines Political machines controlled the activities of a political party in a city New York’s Solar System, 1898

The “Boss” (typically the mayor) controlled: Jobs business licenses court system Precinct captains and ward bosses: 1st or 2nd generation immigrants Helped with naturalization Housing All in exchange for votes for the boss Boss Tweed ran NYC

5 How Would Political Bosses Stay in Power?
Political machines used fake names and voted multiple times to ensure victory (“Vote early and often”) – called Election fraud Graft (bribes) was common among political bosses Construction contracts often resulted in “kick-backs” The fact that police forces were hired by the boss prevented close scrutiny

6 THE TWEED RING SCANDAL William M. Tweed, known as Boss Tweed, became head of Tammany Hall, NYC’s powerful Democratic political machines Between , Tweed led the Tweed Ring, a group of corrupt politicians, in defrauding the city $20 million

7 Tweed was eventually indicted on 120 counts of fraud and extortion (Brought down by cartoonist Thomas Nast) Tweed was sentenced to 12 years in jail – released after one, arrested again, and escaped to Spain

8 Political Cartoon Analysis: Nast vs. Tweed
Thomas Nast= "Father of the American Cartoon“ Nast's drawings were instrumental in the downfall of Boss Tweed Your Task: use the cartoon analysis sheet to peek into the deeper meaning of the following Nast drawings

9 “That’s What’s the Matter”



12 Gangs of New York Clip Leo DiCaprio- Amsterdam Vallon
Daniel Day-Lewis- Bill “The Butcher” Cutting Jim Broadbent- “Boss” Tweed What You Are Looking For: Political Machine Organization City Boss, Ward Boss, Precinct Captain Scorsese’s opinion of political machines

13 Who had the political power THEN?
EXIT TICKET: Who had the political power THEN? Does this kind of corruption exist today? Give THREE examples start 2:45-6:00

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