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Globalization & the 21st Century

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1 Globalization & the 21st Century

2 Beginning in the late 1980s, internationally long standing political regimes began to modify their philosophies/doctrines. Subsequently, the 1990s were predicted to be a “decade of democracy.” Explain how events supported that expectation? How did American actions in Panama and the Persian Gulf help define a role for the US in the Post-Cold War world? How did Bill Clinton’s policies support his statement “the era of big government is over?” How did they contradict this philosophy? In the 1970s, the U.S. economy began to shift away from manufacturers. Deindustrialization continued into the 1990s. Explain why this was so and who was affected by this shift. What were the benefits and other consequences of this shift? Immigration has changed dramatically during different stages of American history. What trends can be identified in terms of where America’s immigrants were coming from and where were the settling?

3 Conservative Trends Continue
Focus on the Family – interdenominational org conserv. agenda - questionable “research” (Tebow commercial) Contract with America – released for Congressional election 1994 – what Amer could expect from a Repub Congress: welfare reform, smaller gov’t, bal. budget, tax reform… Planned Parenthood v Casey – upheld parts of strict PA abortion policies (spousal approval violation of 14th amend)

4 Clinton & World Affairs
Oslo Accords (1993) – roadmap to Middle Eastern peace? Rwanda Balkan Crisis “ethnic cleansing” New role of NATO Human Rights – justification for intervention – issues had been exclusively internal affairs of sovereign nations War crimes – international tribunals

5 A New Economy? Low unemployment Little inflation
Balanced budget in 2nd terms (even chipped into deficit debt) Computer industry growing (influence & as job opportunities) Stock mrkt boom “dot coms” 4/14/00 – largest 1 day drop – signaled beginning of 3 yr decline Recession Enron Scandal – corp. corruption – offshoot of deregulation? (energy, telecom,trading, banking)

6 Social Inequality During boom, everybody’s income benefited
Reality: poor & mid cl worse off than 1970s (real salaries adjusted for inflation) Wealthy got wealthier (Gates owned as much wealth as bottom 40% put together) Efforts against collective bargaining, out sourcing Benefits cuts Farming families in poverty

7 Culture Christian Coalition (Pat Robertson) continued – anti: gay rights, secularism is schools, abortion, gov’t aid to arts 1992 Repub convention Pat Buchanan’s speech Retreat of “family values” Births to unmarried moms Divorce rate Working women Antigov’t grps “we’re here because we love freedom” Oklahoma City (1995)

8 Impeachment misconduct accusations around from start of admin
Whitewater? Sexual harassment while governor? Lewinsky scandal Starr report Impeached by House (Repub controlled) perjury & obstruction of justice Senate did not get 2/3 to remove

9 2000 Election Al Gore/Joseph Lieberman George W. Bush/Dick Cheney
Gore wins pop vote – narrow margin Who gets Florida’s electoral votes? Recount Bush v Gore Should S.C. weigh in at all? Should it overturn Fla’s SC? Court had been reasserting states as part of larger fed. system Influence of: Ralph Nader Ballot design – chads Felons can’t vote in Fla

10 G. W. Bush – Foreign Policy
Returning to isolationism? Withdrawing from anti-ball missile treaty Repudiated Internat’l Criminal Court Rejected Kyoto Protocol September 11th Bush Doctrine – “either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” “Enduring Freedom” – Afghanistan National Security Strategy of the US “Axis of Evil” Operation Iraqi Freedom mission accomplished? Another Vietnam?

11 G. W. Bush – Domestic Policy
Security vs Liberty USA Patriot Act Wiretapping, surveillance, records reviews (univ, college) Interrogation centers – habeas corpus? Gitmo Military tribunals – noncits Justice Dept – cits CAN be held indef w/out charge, no lawyer if declared “enemy combatants” NSA – intell gathering Geneva Convention rules DON’T apply – Abu Ghraib S.C. will challenge all these

12 Economy Outsourcing continues – computer industry! manufacturing lost even more Pensions/benefits gone Supply side tax cuts & reduced interest rates not helping enough – deficit growing Attempts to “reform” soc sec defeated Economic inequalities deepen – Hurricane Katrina Soaring oil prices (gulf production disrupted, growing demand from India/China, Mid East instab) Impacts auto industry- fuel efficiency

13 Immigration Continued increases – settling in non traditional areas (heartland becoming diverse) Debate surrounding undocumented continues Immigration Reform Act (1986) – allowed for illegals to become cits Does there presence hurt others? House:bill to make it a felony to be illegal Huge protests – likened to Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 Senate: more border patrols but route to citizenship for illegals

14 End of 2nd term Midterms brought in lots of Dems
Control both houses – Nancy Pelosi 22% approval rating Lack of substantial achievements Internationally alienated Tremendous deficit %in poverty & w/out health insurance huge increases

15 Housing Bubble/Great Recession
Economic speculation Fed Rersev – interest rates unprecedented low rates Housing prices skyrocket “subprime” mortgages Housing bubble bursts – equity not real Stock Mkt plunged Rising unemployment Buy outs – too big to fail? No requirements on how $ must be used Realization unregulated mkt econ not perfect

16 B. Obama Inaugural address signals agenda of:
Diplomatic instead of unilateral force for. policy Addressing econ crisis (result of “greed & irresponsibility”) Putting common good before indiv self-interest Combatting inequality/access to health care

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