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Indenpedant Business Model with owned resources

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2 Indenpedant Business Model with owned resources
Goals (3 Years) New MHR Identity & Commercial Brand Sport Playoff Top 14 Indenpedant Business Model with owned resources


4 I. Assets identification : profit centers & stakeholders
Ticketing Sponsorship Subsidies Business Seats (PR) Shops Bodega TV Rights Players transfers Stakeholders Public organizations Sponsors Media Supporters Players & coaches MHSC & MAHB

5 I. MHR Assets identification
Resources Sponsorship (Altrad, Urban Area, Langedoc-Roussillon area, City, Asics…) : 360 Stadium and training camp Sport and economic networks Reputation (Club, Coach, training, players…) Competencies Training & sport management Commercial and networking Event marketing

6 II Asset evaluation : VRIO
Assets V R I-S O Sponors ++++ ++ + Social Capital +++ Stadium Yves du Manoir Training Camp Reputation Commercial Marketing Training Sport Management

7 III Macro-environment
Economic : Economic network Languedoc-Roussillon - Rural – Universities Policy : Public sport policy– Brand South of France Social-Cultural : 2007 Rugby World Cup – Rugby local development Law : Stadium Yves du Manoir –TV Rights – LNR (Rugby National League)

8 Micro-environment Competitive forces Threats Rivals Substitutes
Top 14 clubs Very hight on sport games and low for the others activities (sponsors, tickets..) and TV right regulation Substitutes MAHB & MHSC Sharing sponsors contracts New Entrants Beach rugby – Rugby Seven Club control Suppliers Sportifs et Coach No control of Fabien Galthié and key players Customers Sponsors - Fans Large number of local sponsors and fan so low threat. No control of public sponsors i

9 First Resume 100 employees with 50 % for sport area



12 Business Model Trade Singularity Positionning Key competencies Demand
Training Rugby Club Business Model Singularity Training camp Stadium Yves du Manoir Season Positionning Young people Modern Access Key competencies Traing – sport management Commercial BtB Local relations Demand PR Students Rugby local development

13 Linkages Resources - Competencies
Sponsorship Stadium Yves du Manoir Traing Camp Social Capital Reputation CRM Hospitality – Servicing - FRM Coaching and training Negociation – lobbying Communication (external) – Sport Manager

14 Articulation – interaction – Assets management
Sponsorhip resources « Pivotal » Organizational Capabilities Physical Resources Relational Resources Reputational Resources Resources Stock Dynamic capabilities

15 Current Business Model
Negociation Lobbying Social Capital Reputation Owner Sponsor Altrad Sport management Owner Relation Physical support Hospitality - PR Training center Resources basis Direct impact Deployment Indirect impact Key competencies

16 Brand & Fan Relationship management Hospitality management
Future Business Model Brand & Fan Relationship management Negociation Hospitality management Socail Capital Reputation Physical Support Sport Management Sponsorship Activation Owner relation Resources basis Direct impact Deployment Indirect impact Key competencies

17 Development axis Maintain : sport management and training camp
Stadium exploitation : New competencies BtB : Hospitality – PR BtC : Fan Relationship Management New commercial marketing : activation and ticketing - New competencies Brand creation and management – New competencies

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