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Research Foundation Strategic Plan Cathy Kaszluga and Ellen Kelly 3/24/2015.

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1 Research Foundation Strategic Plan Cathy Kaszluga and Ellen Kelly 3/24/2015

2 Agenda  Context  Strategy  Annual Operating Plan


4 Federal Forecast for R&D Source: AAAS

5 National Science Foundation  Total Budget: +5.2%  New priority areas: Food/Water/Energy Nexus; climate resilience Source: AAAS

6 Top Three States for VC Investments, 2008-2012 Source: ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN NEW YORK: The Mismatch between Venture Capital and Academic R&D

7  Proposal #10: Launch another $110 million round of NYSUNY2020 and a $50 million continued investment in START-UP NY  Proposal #11: Double the New York State Venture Capital Fund  Proposal #14: Launch a $1.5 billion Upstate New York Economic Revitalization Competition NYS Opportunity Agenda

8 SUNY  Access + Completion = Success  Master Researchers  SUNY Works

9 RF Listening Tour Remove barriers for PIs Focus on succession planning Automation and efficiency are critical

10 RF Listening Tour Better data for decision-making Pre-award and compliance data is critical International research strategy needed


12 Where Our Plan Fits

13 Vision: SUNY will be a key engine of revitalization for New York State’s economy and help to enhance the quality of life for the state’s citizens. Goals: — Transform Economic Outcomes —Enhance Student Opportunities — Increase Research Capacity & Performance SUNY Strategy for Research and Innovation

14 Programs - Economies of scale – shared infrastructure - Fund the “best of” system-wide  Technology Accelerator Fund  SUNY STEM Research Passport

15 Sponsored Programs  Provide faculty with efficient and effective Sponsored Program Administration – so they can focus on research and not administration  Improved electronic tools  Focus on high risk areas  Operational efficiency and cost effectiveness  Talent management and succession planning

16  Supports employees, faculty, staff and the research community to  strengthen their skills  achieve their professional goals  expand their knowledge and abilities.  Continue with mentoring, leadership training and continual education to foster growth and advance SUNY’s research enterprise.

17 Campus Strategies 60 new faculty 5 Transdisciplinary Areas of Excellence Discovery Fund $100k philanthropic prize

18 Campus Strategies $500k seed fund Communities of Excellence Office of Research Advancement

19 Campus Strategies - Celebrate faculty success, grant writing workshops - “Science shark tank” $100k seed funds



22 2015 Operating Plan 2015 sponsored program initiatives:  Uniform Guidance  Pre-Award and Compliance System (PACS)  Time and Attendance System

23 2016 Operating Plan  Evaluate tools currently available and make more information available to users  Share knowledge and best practices Customer Experience

24 2016 Operating Plan Compliance PACS System-wide environment of compliance

25 2016 Operating Plan Metrics/Measurements  Sponsored Program Efficiency

26 2016 Operating Plan What do YOU think?

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