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Publisher: Henry Holt and Company, LLC Published: 2012 Presentation by: Adelaide Hittson.

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1 Publisher: Henry Holt and Company, LLC Published: 2012 Presentation by: Adelaide Hittson

2 This novel begins with a popular pizzeria in a small town in Oregon. The beginning is an introduction to three main characters who play very important parts in the story. April Henry, the author, begins the story with an explanation about how the three young characters are not close friends. She points out that Kayla, Gabie, and Drew are employees at Pete’s Pizza who only socialize at work even though they all go to the same high school. The three teens have noticed a frequent customer who orders pizza from the pizza restaurant rather frequently and acts quite strange. Should they be suspicious?

3 Protagonist: Kayla Cutler- Kayla is a popular high school student who has everything going for her. She’s dating her high school’s star athlete, maintains phenomenal grades, and always has everyone on her side. Girls in her high school strive to be just like her. She is described as having dark black hair and bright blue eyes. She works at a pizzeria called Pete’s Pizza as her high school job. Antagonist: “John Robertson”- “ John Robertson” is an architect who has no criminal record. He wears small-frame glasses and a loose pair of blue jeans with a casual shirt. He is described as being around the age of 45-50. In addition, he us a frequent customer at Pete’s Pizza.

4 A young woman about the age of 17 went missing while on a pizza delivery. She was a co-worker at Pete’s Pizza and was on delivery duty that night because she had previously asked Gabie if they could trade shifts. After further investigation, police came to the conclusion that the address that she was given by the customer was a fake. Her car was left at the bank of a lake where the address of the fake location would have been. Her untouched purse was left neatly inside the vehicle. Who would want to hurt Kayla and why would they? Could it be her ex-boyfriend or another individual who has mistaken her for another young woman? MISSING PERSON

5 Gabie- Gabie is the average high school girl. She’s not popular, but still has friends. She is described as a quiet, but funny teenager. Both her mother and father are wealthy doctors. She is a co-worker at Pete’s Pizza. Drew- Drew is a boy who is an under-achiever. His grades are not great, his mom is a drug dealer, and he lives in a small, poor apartment. He is described as a skater boy who has very handsome blond hair. He is also a co-worker at Pete’s Pizza with Kayla and Gabie. Cody Renfrew- Cody is a 24 year old guy who lives in the country. He currently does meth, and is considered a major suspect for Kayla’s disappearance when investigators release a description of a white truck present at the same sight when Kayla disappeared. His neighbor notices that he painted his white truck gold right after that information is released and calls the cops on him.

6 Reviewer/Critic Name: Publishers Weekly Publishers Weekly describes the book as a “Hear-pounding mystery that alternates among the perspectives of many characters.” The writer comments that it is a very interesting story. They think many teenagers would be happy to sit down and read it in one sitting. Reviewer/Critic Name: Mystery Scene Mystery Scene describes the novel of having a suspenseful ending that will mix many emotions and is sure to create the craved suspense.

7 This novel is an action-packed story that creates a feeling of suspense throughout the whole book. The book is short and sweet, yet still provides enough information to create suspense and worry. Throughout the whole novel, many suspects are presented as the possible murderers who are suspected to have killed Kayla Cutler, the most popular girl in her local high school. This strategy is what makes the book exciting and thrilling to read. The book can easily be finished in an hour because it is an easy read. I recommend The Night She Disappeared to anyone who is looking for an action-packed read, loves the feeling of suspense, and aenjoys fast-paced, gripping thrillers.

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