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TRADITIONAL ENERGY SOURSES Energy Efficiency & Energy Demand.

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2 TRADITIONAL ENERGY SOURSES Energy Efficiency & Energy Demand

3 Energy conservation 4 evoked ( started ) in mid-1970s 4 saving energy 4 e.g. turn off the air-conditioner when not using

4 Energy efficiency 4 get more comfort, more light, more mobility and the like from every joule of energy 4 making the best use of the energy

5 Solution to the energy crisis 4 the best solution : energy efficiency 4 Reasons [1] increase productivity and better financial management in industries and companies 4 e.g. the improved fuel efficiency of motor vehicles

6 4 [2] the improvements in energy efficiency, once achieved, are likely to be permanent 4 e.g. an industrialist will not replace an efficient boiler with an inefficient one, no matter how cheap oil becomes 4 [3] environmental improvement and conservation of natural resources 4 e.g. the careful choice of equipment help to reduce air pollution

7 Ways to conserve energy 4 Individuals : [1] Switch off all electrical appliances when the room is vacant 4 [2] Turn off the lights or TV etc. when not using 4 [3] Use energy-efficient light bulbs

8 4 National : [1] Reduce the consumption of electricity 4 e.g. the governments encourage the industrialists and manufacturers to make use of the energy in a more efficient way 4 e.g. the governments should educate the public about saving energy in schools or through TV advertisements

9 4 e.g. encourage the buildings of combined heat and power stations whose surplus heat is used ~~wasting energy 4 [2] Reduce oil consumption in transportation 4 e.g. to encourage the public to travel by public transport rather than private cars 4 e.g. to control the number of private cars by rising fuel price

10 4 [3] Reduce the consumption of products produced by oil 4 e.g. encourage the use of natural gas 4 as ~~ unlike coal it is convenient and flexible easy to deliver and control 4 ~~ it is cleaner than any other fuel, burning to leave nothing but water vapour and carbon dioxide

11 4 e.g. encourage the development of alternative material to replace oil-based synthetic wrappings and packages used for consumer goods 4 e.g. encourage the use of natural fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers

12 4 [4] Regulate the exploitation of energy resources by developing countries 4 e.g. to compromise with the developing countries which produce oil ~ to ensure that only agreed amount of energy resources

13 Dealing with the increasing demand of energy 4 Energy is limited ~ if we continue to waste the energy, the world will be ran out of it one day 4 apart from saving energy, we should also encourage our neighbours and friends to conserve energy 4 the schools may offer some courses to the students about conserving energy

14 4 the teachers may ask the students to work on some projects about energy crisis 4 we should use some renewable energy resources e.g. solar energy, hydroelectricity 4 for the developing countries ( OPEC member ) should not pump more oil than their quotas allow so as to sell the oil at a discount

15 4 in the energy world, the key word is stability -- the price should not be too low or too high

16 Sustainable development in terms of energy policies 4 -- development progress that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

17 4 Sustainable society in terms of energy resources -- a society which is able to generate equitable ( reasonable ) amount of energy by its own exhaustible energy resources, that would not deplete the sources in the long term ( sustainable supply ) while can maintain the proper growth of its population and economic growth

18 Pattern of Energy supplies in HK 4 the importers of HK Energy : 4 --Oil products : Singapore, Rep of Korea, China, Japan, USA, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, others 4 --Coal products : South Africa, China, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, others 4 Electricity & Towngas Supply in HK -- please refer to the tables in notes

19 What problems do we have ? 4 the increasing population --> demand of electricity increase 4 Environmental implications : 4 -- air pollution 4 -- water pollution 4 -- enhance global warming 4 -- acid rain 4 -- oil spill accident


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