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Persuasive Writing Quarter 2 Carver Elementary 5 th Grade.

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1 Persuasive Writing Quarter 2 Carver Elementary 5 th Grade

2 Persuasive Writing Essay Task: Write a persuasive essay stating why the 5 th grade students at Carver should go on a Washington DC field trip. Remember: Provide evidence that supports your opinion. Organize the essay in a structured way Outline the information in your document prior to writing your rough draft.

3 Ideas to Better Support Your Opinion Connects to Common Core Revolutionary War (Independence from Britain) Civil War United States History Reading Chasing Lincoln’s Killer by James Swanson

4 Connection to Common Core 5.H.1 Analyze the chronology of key events in the United States. 5.H.2 Understand the role of prominent figures in shaping the United States. 5.G.1 Understand how human activity has and continues to shape the United States. 5.C&G.1.3 Analyze historical documents that shaped the foundation of the United States government. 5.C&G.1 Understand the development, structure and function of government in the United States. 5.C&G.2 Analyze life in a democratic republic through rights and responsibilities of citizens. 5.H.1.3 Analyze the impact of major conflicts, battles, and wars on the development of our nation through Reconstruction.

5 Ideas to Better Support Your Opinion Our itinerary for the trip: Explain the importance of visiting all the sites we go to on the trip will enhance your opinion.

6 Itinerary Day 1 6:00amBuses depart school 10:30amEat bag lunch (brought from home) before entering Washington 11:30amVisit the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam, Korean and WWII Memorials 2:00pmTour Arlington National Cemetery:Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Changing of the Guards, JFK Gravesite and Eternal Flame (Wreath laying requested) 4:00pmVisit the new MLK Memorial and the FDR Memorial 5:30pmDinner at National Place building food court food courts (meal voucher included) 7:00pmVisit the Jefferson Memorial 8:30pmCheck into hotel

7 Itinerary Day 2 7:00amContinental breakfast in hotel dining room; board buses at 8:00am 8:30am View the White House for picture stop (White House Tour request will be submitted on your behalf) 9:30amGuided tour of the Capitol (requested) 11:00pm Smithsonian Museum Tour: National Air and Space Museum of Natural History Museum of American History National Archives 4:30pmDepart Washington, DC; Fast food dinner in route ($5.00 cash included) 10:30pmApproximate arrival at school

8 Carver Students at White House

9 Ford’s Theater


11 U.S. Capitol Building Students will have the opportunity to meet North Carolina Senators, and House members. A House or Senate member will present an American flag that was flown above the Capitol building that can be brought back to Wendell, NC.

12 Arlington National Cemetery Students will observe laying of the wreath and changing of guard in honor of Carver Elementary. Students will learn the significance of where John F. Kennedy is buried as well as other prominent figures in history.



15 Ideas to Better Support Your Opinion Expressing that the field trip company we use is very reliable. Holbrook Field Trips

16 Holbrook Field Trips is a family owned and operated school field trip company founded in 1974 when John Holbrook lll, now a retired science teacher and coach in the Guilford and Forsyth County School systems, began taking 80 to 120 students from the Carolinas on a five week summer excursion to the west coast every summer. For the past 25 years their mission has been to provide quality one, two and three day field trips for North Carolina schools to their favorite travel destination. Last year, eleven thousand students and teachers from 120 schools and most NC counties traveled with Holbrook Field Trips. Last year Holbrook hosted over two dozen Wake County schools to several destinations.

17 Ideas to Better Support Your Opinion The price of the trip includes many things. Payment schedule makes the trip easier to pay for. Fundraising allows students to earn money for the trip.

18 Pricing $222 for Students and Adults 1 tour director & 2 guides The price includes tickets to all sites visited, 3 meals, and a $5 voucher for food on the trip home. $ 222 para estudiantes y adultos 1 director y 2 guías turísticos El precio incluye las entradas para todos los sitios visitados, 3 comidas, y un vale de descuento de $ 5 por comida en el viaje a casa.

19 Payment Schedule $34 by November 1 st $50 by January 6 th The remaining 3 month payments will depend on our fundraising efforts. If nothing is fundraised by the student it will be $46 due in February, March, and April. $ 34 el 1 de noviembre $ 50 por el 06 de enero Los pagos mensuales restantes 3 ​​ dependerá de los esfuerzos de recaudación de fondos. Si no hay nada recaudado por el estudiante será 46 dólares con vencimiento en febrero, marzo y abril.

20 Fundraising Autobell Car Wash Begins October 13, 2014 Students will be given two tickets to sell at $15.99 each. The student gets 50% of the profit $7.99 per ticket sold Once a child brings in the money they will get another ticket to sell. Autobell Car Wash Comienza 13 de octubre 2014 Los estudiantes recibirán dos entradas para vender a $ 15.99 cada uno. El estudiante obtiene el 50% del beneficio $ 7.99 por boleto vendido Una vez que un niño trae en el dinero que van a conseguir otro boleto para vender.

21 Organization of Essay Options Introduction State topic and your opinion Body Paragraph 1- Evidence supporting Opinion Body Paragraph 2- Evidence supporting Opinion Body Paragraph 3- Evidence supporting Opinion Rebuttle Paragraph- Answer certain opposing arguments someone may have about the trip Conclusion

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