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Relationships and Sex:

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1 Relationships and Sex:
How Staff can support Adults with Learning Disabilities to stay safe and keep healthy This is an Easy Read version of: “Making Choices Keeping Safe - Fife Version of Relationships & Sexual Wellbeing Best Practice Guidance for Staff who support Adults with a Learning Disability”

2 What is in this booklet? ? Page What this booklet is about 4
(for staff) What this booklet is about (for service users) ? What the words mean Information Relationships Confidentiality

3 Sexual Health Services 14
‘Feeling Sexy’ SEX XXX Books, DVD’s and Websites Being Private Important Rules – Staying Safe Rules Important Rules – Making a complaint 19 Important Rules – The Law Useful Numbers

4 For Staff : Relationships & Sexual Wellbeing Best Practice Guidance
This booklet should be used to talk about relationships and the sexual health needs of people with a learning disability. It is important to let people know what their rights and responsibilities are. The booklet is about supporting people to have safe positive relationships including sexual relationships The booklet was written by staff from NHS Fife, Fife Council and the voluntary services.

5 Staff should take time to help people
read and understand this booklet. Staff should also help people to think about and talk about their sexual health and wellbeing. How can I help? We should all work together to give people with learning disabilities the right support to help them to make safe positive choices in their lives.

6 This booklet is about : how your staff can support you with relationships and sex. know about your rights. the rules for you and your staff. what to do if you are not happy.

7 What the words mean ? Your rights
People with a learning disability have the same rights as everyone else. This means that you should be treated the same as everyone else. This is agreed in parliament and written in the Law. Same As You

8 What the words mean ? Relationships
There are all kinds of different relationships. Some may be just friends Some might be people you fancy and want to be your boyfriend / girlfriend Some might involve having sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend It is important you choose what kind of relationship is right for you

9 What the words mean ? Sexual Wellbeing
Sexual wellbeing is about our own thoughts and feelings about relationships and sex and how we keep ourselves healthy and safe. It is feeling good about yourself and having information to help you make safe and healthy choices about relationships and sex. You can get this information from Sexual Health Fife.

10 Information You have the right to learn and receive information about:- How your body works Periods Safe sex and how to stop getting pregnant Sex and Relationships + How to say NO and be safe

11 Information + You have the right to learn about sex and relationships
Staff can help you get the information you need in a way you understand They can do this, for example by:- explaining things to you giving you information on a DVD to watch

12 Relationships You have the right to have a relationship
Staff can support and talk to you about relationships. It is your choice who you have a relationship with. Relationships can be with men or women. Some people choose to have sex. Other people do not. This is ok.

13 Confidentiality You have the right to confidentiality. This means keeping things private. Things you tell staff should be kept private. Staff should ask you first if they want to talk to anyone else about your private information. I need to speak to my boss If staff are worried about your safety they will need to tell someone else. They will let you know what is going to happen next.

14 Sexual Health Services
Staff can help you to find clinics near where you live. They can help you get to appointments. At the clinic you can find out about How your body works Periods Condoms Safe sex Not getting pregnant

15 ‘Feeling Sexy’ Some magazines, DVD’s or websites
XXX Some magazines, DVD’s or websites show ‘sexy’ things like: Words Pictures Videos Some people like to look at these to help them feel sexy. This is ok. If you want to look at them, this is ok It is important to look at these things in private Private means like being in your bedroom with the door closed It is important to make sure the things you like to look at do not break any rules You can chat to your staff to find out about magazines and DVD’s that do not break the rules xxx SEX SEX

16 Books, DVD’s & Websites Some DVDs, books and websites
are not allowed by law. If you are not sure you can ask your staff to help you find out. SEX XXX xxx SEX Your staff can also give you information about keeping safe on the internet.

17 Being Private Privacy is having your own space and time to yourself.
You have the right to privacy. Privacy is having your own space and time to yourself. Staff must give you privacy. You can say who you would like to help you to have a bath or go to the toilet. Staff should try to make sure this happens. HELP For example: Staff should knock on your door and wait until you ask them to come in. If you need to have a bath or go to the toilet this should be done in private so no one else can see you.

18 Important rules! If someone is :- hurting you treating you badly
bullying you or forcing you to do something you don’t want to do Please tell your staff or parents or carers so they can help you. They can phone the Adult Protection number and get help. The number is

19 Important rules! Rules You have the right to make a complaint if you are not happy with your care. You can get help to fill in a complaint form from someone you trust.

20 Important rules! If you have sex it must be in a private place.
It is against the law to have sex in public. If you break the law you could get in trouble with the police. Your staff cannot help you to do anything that is against the law.

21 Important Rules SEX It is against the law to look at some pictures, DVD’s and websites. ? You can speak to your staff to find out more information about the law.

22 Useful Numbers

23 This booklet was produced by the Fife Multi Agency Sexual Health Steering Group on behalf of NHS Fife, Fife Council and Voluntary Sector Agencies. It was adapted, with kind permission, from the Relationships & Sexual Wellbeing Policy (Accessible Version) produced by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. Using graphics provided Photo Symbols.

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