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SPEC High Performance Group (An Introduction)

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1 SPEC High Performance Group (An Introduction)
Kumaran Kalyanasundaram for SPEC High-Performance Group

2 SPEC’s Purpose The primary purpose of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) is to develop suites of benchmark programs that are effective and fair in comparing the performance of high performance computing systems, and to assure that they are readily available to manufacturers and users of such systems.

3 SPEC HPG’s Purpose The High Performance Group focuses on the development of benchmarks for high performance computers, including but not limited to, symmetric multiprocessor systems, clusters, distributed memory parallel systems, and vector parallel supercomputers.

4 SPEC HPG Founded in 1994. Active sustaining members - Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Intel, SGI, Sun, & Unisys. Active associate members - Purdue & Univ of Stuttgart. Two active benchmarks - SPEC OMP & SPEC HPC2002

5 SPEC OMP Benchmark suite for performance testing of shared memory processor systems. OpenMP versions of selected SPEC CPU2000 benchmarks. Two data sizes - Medium & Large.

6 OMP vs CPU2000

7 SPEC OMP Version 3.0 to be released soon. OMPM & OMPL on one CD.
ISO C & C++ compatible src default base src. All alternate sources for peak on CD. Begun accepting results on v3.0 from Nov. 11th. Will accept results on old kits till Feb 18th, 04. Roadmap: Begin work on CPU2004 candidates.

8 SPEC HPC2002 Real application benchmarks in the area of Seismic processing, Chemistry and Weather forecasting. Supports MPI, OpenMP and MPI+OpenMP. Results published on both SSIs & clusters. Roadmap: V2.0 in Q1 of CY04. Updated GAMESS source. Larger data sets. New benchmarks.

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