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Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs

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1 Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs
e→ie o→ue u→ue e→i

2 Los verbos que cambian e→ie
Tener Querer Pensar Empezar Comenzar Perder Preferir To have To want To think To begin To start To lose To prefer

3 How do these verbs work?

4 Stem-changing verbs give their stems the boot!

5 Querer

6 Querer First, let’s just add all the correct endings.

7 Verb endings If a verb ends in –ar, you add: o as a amos an

8 Verb endings If a verb ends in –er, you add: o es e emos en
if a verb ends in –ir, you add: o es e imos en

9 So, since “querer” ends en “er” (querer), which endings will we add?
The “er” endings: o es e emos en

10 Querer o emos quer es e en

11 Now, let’s add our stem change.
Remember, only the e in the stem can change. querer perder If there are two e’s in the stem, the second one always changes. preferir empezar

12 Now let’s change the stems.
Remember, e can change to ie only within the boot. This means the nosotros form never changes!

13 Querer emos quier quer o es e en

14 The u→ue and o→ue verbs work the same way.
Jugar Poder Dormir Soñar Volver Devolver to play to be able to (can) to sleep to dream to return (to a place) to return (a thing)

15 First, find the o or u in the stem that is going to change
Poder Jugar Dormir Soñar Volver Devolver

16 Then, decide which verb endings you will use.
For jugar: o as a amos an For poder: o es e emos en

17 Then change it in the boot
juego jugamos juegas juega juegan

18 Poder p__d pod ue o emos ue es ue ue e en

19 Los verbos que cambian e→i
Pedir Servir Conseguir Seguir Repetir To ask for/order To serve To get To follow To repeat

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