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DataLO55pr3v3n7ion7rav3LPOR7 Airline – GDS – TMC The Relationship Continues.

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1 dataLO55pr3v3n7ion7rav3LPOR7 Airline – GDS – TMC The Relationship Continues

2 You call this a relationship!? – 2

3 2010 – We needed a reminder – 3

4 Where the industry is going… * Interviews conducted by Travelport with 652 global agency owners and managers, 2012 * Source: SITA Airlines IT Trends Survey 2013 *Ancillary report Series 2013, IdeaWorks and Cartrawler * $13.93 * per passenger estimated ancillary revenues in 2014 *Source: IATA, forecast 2014 *IdeaWorks ancillary survey 2014 – 4

5 – 5 Airlines want to differentiate – TMCs need to know…

6 – 6 I get confused if an agent can’t see what I see from When I use an agency they should recognise me as a FF I expect to be offered the same fares and products however I choose to book I want all airline products to be available through my agency Needs of Passenger

7 – 7 Improving customer loyalty is the single most important priority for me Productivity is essential as profits continue to be squeezed I need the ability to upsell through easy access to detailed product and fare information I must have access all airline content to remain competitive Help me manage complexity caused by airline unbundling Needs of TMC

8 – 8 Communicating key product benefits outside my home base is challenging and expensive I am growing my indirect channel capabilities through mobile, kiosk and social media I want deeper technology integration across all channels I need to ensure the agency community understand my products to sell on my behalf I want to attract the business traveller segment Needs of Airlines

9 A change in focus – 9

10 Enables agents to access all the airline content – through all of Travelport’s points of sale Enables agents to access all the airline content – through all of Travelport’s points of sale Enables airlines to distribute their products in a flexible, targeted way – through their channel of choice Travelport Merchandising Platform

11 The components of a flexible solution – 11

12 – 12 Travelport Aggregated Shopping Aggregated shopping. All content. One place Flexible connectivity - airlines can distribute content through Industry Standards-filed, API or hybrid - with all content shown in a single display. Enables agents to shop for all content in the same screen, within their normal workflow, using familiar commands. Meets traveller demand in respect of regional and low-cost airline growth. Aggregated shopping: All content. One place. – 12

13 Travelport Ancillary Services Sell all content – across all points of sale. Travelport’s technology enables airlines to easily distribute their ancillaries however they choose - via either ATPCo or API - making more content available. Airline ancillaries are delivered to all points of sale and are seamlessly integrated within an agent’s normal workflow. Customer-centric selling – with personalized ancillary offers such as a free bag or seat to Gold frequent flyers. – 13

14 Travelport Rich Content & Branding New ground in airline differentiation. Enables airlines to consistently brand and market themselves – allow airlines to sell themselves, vs just being on the shelf. Provides ‘rich’ information at the point of sale, with images and sales information ensuring the agent can confidently sell an airline’s products. End customers receive consistent content, branding and positioning across all channels. – 14

15 The old way – 15

16 f The new way Image of ancillary

17 Validating the change in focus



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