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Flight Release Minnesota Wing Air Branch Director Course.

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1 Flight Release Minnesota Wing Air Branch Director Course

2 Overview Anatomy of a Flight Release Officer FRO Qualifications What is a FRO? FRO Responsibilities FRO paperwork Pilot Responsibilities What a FRO is NOT expected to be. Mission specific items

3 Anatomy of a FRO Seasoned CAP member Lives by the book Not afraid to grant or deny authorization Makes decisions and moves on

4 FRO Qualifications CAPR 60-1, says that FROs are CAP senior members designated in writing as Flight Release Officers by the Executive Director, region or wing commander or their designee. Candidates must past the on-line FRO training course and possess a sound knowledge of the CAP Flight Management Program prior to being appointed as an FRO.

5 FRO Qualifications Possess sound knowledge of CAP flight management and flight release procedures. Be appointed by the region or wing commander or their designee.

6 What is a FRO? An intelligent, self starting checklist reader An official recorder of the authorization of a flight. A gate-keeper with an empty clip and no bayonet? The last official interface between CAP and the pilot prior to the flight.

7 FRO Responsibilities Best efforts to authorize the flight Agree with the pilot on a mission symbol that fits. Ensure that a quality flight release has been conducted. – A poor flight release is not only a bad idea, it could put insurance coverage in jeopardy.

8 FRO Paperwork CAPF 99 (non-missions) CAPF 104 – release for missions. Copy of CAPF 99 to the Wing DO and State Director by the 5 th of each month. CAPF 104 remains with mission paperwork. Keep current copies of regulations, forms and wing/unit rosters with you.

9 Pilot Responsibilities Provide all required documentation needed to establish and update records. Pilot-in-Command must obtain the release. Certify eligibility of passengers Coordinate mission symbol with FRO. Fly the mission as released Complete paperwork. Report back to FRO with actual flight time.

10 Flight Following CAPR 60-1, Para 2-5 says in part that the FRO is “responsible for confirming the aircraft safely arrived at it’s destination if an FAA flight plan is not used.” FAA flight plans are required for CAP flights beyond 50 NM. FROs may request the pilot file a flight plan instead of using the FRO as flight following.

11 What a FRO is NOT! Not a flight dispatcher Not a weather forecaster Not a mechanic Not a FAA Safety Inspector Not the Pilot’s Mother Not responsible for the conduct and/or safety of the flight.

12 Reasons to Decline a Flight Release Doubt about flight safety and legitimacy – Obvious severe weather – Pilot/crew qualification/currency – Is the purpose a legitimate flight IAW 60-1? Aircraft status – IFR Capable – Mechanically sound If it doesn’t feel right, something is probably wrong.

13 How to resolve FRO concerns If there is a problem, DO NOT release the flight. – Politely state the reasons to the PIC. – Pass the problem up the chain of command. If the problem can be resolved – Release the flight – Pass the problem and resolution up your chain.

14 FRO Creed I realize I am the last link in the safety chain I follow rules I will take enough time to do it right I will complete records correctly I will ensure positive flight closure If in doubt, I will not grant a flight release I will keep my superiors informed

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