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Make a difference Welcome A Level Psychology. Introduction to OCR Introduction to Psychology Why change to our specification? Support and training Next.

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1 Make a difference Welcome A Level Psychology

2 Introduction to OCR Introduction to Psychology Why change to our specification? Support and training Next steps Contents

3 About OCR Part of Europe’s largest assessment agency, Cambridge Assessment UK’s leading awarding body Over 13,000 centres choose our qualifications Qualifications are developed in consultation with teachers

4 Our Mission Our commitment is to provide qualifications which engage learners of all ages whether at school, college, in work and part time training programmes so they achieve their full potential make a difference PracticalAccessibleInnovative and exciting

5 Our Credentials Leading the way with new ideas Dedicated to offering respected qualifications Engaging and relevant qualifications Comprehensive support framework

6 Psychology Credentials Hugely popular specification Loved by teachers Renowned core studies unit unique to OCR Developed in consultation Expert team of respected examiners Supported by world renowned psychologists working in HE

7 Key points of the specification Straightforward structure Focused content Practical approach to research New and improved support Improved progression from AS to A2

8 Psychology | AS Structure G541 Psychological Investigations Learners become familiar with four techniques for collecting/analysing data: Self-report experiment, observation and correlation. They can conduct their own small investigations and make a record of their activities if they wish G542 Core Studies Learners build knowledge and understanding of 15 psychology studies/ They demonstrate evaluation skills and an appreciation of wider psychological approaches/perspectives, theories, issues and debates. They make comparisons and distinctions between core studies and examine the broader context of general debates within psychology. Teaching units and Assessment method and weighting

9 Psychology | A2 Structure G543 Options in Applied Psychology Learners have the opportunity to study two areas of applied psychology from four options: Forensic Psychology, Health and Clinical Psychology, Psychology of Education and Psychology of Sport and Exercise. G544 Approaches and research methods in Psychology This unit is made up of two parts: Research methods (design of a practical project Structured questions bringing together approaches, perspectives, methods, issues and debates covered throughout the course. Teaching units and Assessment method and weighting

10 Stretch and Challenge Stretch and Challenge is a new QCA initiative for A Levels: Included in A2 assessment Reflected in the style of question asked which invite a greater variety of thinking Questions are structured to show more connections between different sections of the specification Extended writing is encouraged in all subjects (except Maths0 A wider range of question types – like case studies and open ended questions More synoptic assessments – exploring connections between different areas and levels of a subject

11 What’s in it for you? Logical and practical to teach Provides opportunity to use a variety of interesting and motivating stimuli in the classroom Access to exciting new and improved support Happy and interested learners Easy to administer Enjoyable and rewarding to deliver

12 What’s in it for your learners? Interesting and captivating course Opportunity to be ‘Psychologists’, and learn about research by doing research Opportunity to study applied areas of Psychology at A2 that most interest them Stretch and challenge opportunities for most able learners

13 What’s in it for your school? More learner enrolments Good progression routes into HE/FE Deliver a course offering solid transferable skills

14 New and Improved Support BPS Resources Free resources mapped to the OCR specification Articles related to core studies News and interviews with Psychologists featured in the OCR specification Wider reading

15 New and Improved Support Our support: More INSET Overarching scheme of work Individual lesson plans for each unit Teacher Guidance Document Coursework consultancy Guide to what has changed Past papers available on line

16 New and Improved Support OCR E-community E forum of practicing teachers and examiners Share resources and ideas with peers Access advice from fellow teachers and examiners

17 New and Improved Support New core studies posters Free of charge via OCR website Introduces each core study Covers key topics and themes Sponsored by BPS

18 New and Improved Support Heinemann Resources AS & A2 student books Free exam café CD ROM in every book Planning and delivery packs for teachers Includes CD ROM of interactive materials, videos and activities Revision guides

19 Next Steps Book training/events - Bookmark website for further information/future updates –

20 Other qualifications GCSE Psychology GCSE and A Level Sociology A Level Critical Thinking

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