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Transboundary Priorities in the Wider Black Sea Basin.

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1 Transboundary Priorities in the Wider Black Sea Basin






7 Loss of habitats (shelf areas and wetlands) supporting biotic resources Decline in fisheries (combined with expansion in fishing) Loss of endangered species Replacement of indigenous species with exotic ones Loss of recreational amenities There is evidence of partial recovery of coastal ecosystems due to the recent decrease in nutrient loads resulting from economic failure of agriculture and industry in some coastal & upstream countries, as well as some nutrient reduction programmes upstream. However, economic failure is only temporary and there is a window opportunity for taking proper management actions.


9 Addressing basin-wide eutrophication through Reform of agricultural policies to reduce non-point source run-off of fertilizers and manure (buffer zones, erosion control, organic agriculture, manure storage clamps etc.. Improved industrial and municipal wastewater treatment to capture nutrients (alternative technologies with low O&M costs: advanced integrated ponding systems, constructed wetlands etc..) Rehabilitation of key basin ecosystems to enhance their capacities as nutrient sinks (wetland restoration) Strengthening legislative framework and enforcement, enhancing public awareness, changes in consumer practices (including phosphate free detergents).

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