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How can I get a job in the future? What job seeking skills do I need? By: Barbara Mackessy.

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1 How can I get a job in the future? What job seeking skills do I need? By: Barbara Mackessy

2 "There's only two rules for being successful. One, figure out exactly what you want to do, and two, do it." -- Mario Cuomo, Former Governor of New York It is difficult to start a comprehensive job/career search without understanding yourself. A self-assessment is an integral part of building a job search strategy. The use of a computerized assessment, such as Gacollege.411, GCIS- Georgia Career Information System, Career Cruising can be helpful in making your job/career choice. Remember to save all of your assessment results to your on-line portfolio.

3 Now that we have completed our assessments we are ready to start our job search process. Where do we start?????

4 When looking for a real position, you may want to… *Check the local cable stations for job postings in your area. *Check billboards in your town, city or community. *Check posters in store or restaurant windows. *Ask relative and friends if they know of any openings. *Along with checking the classified ads in the newspapers and on the Internet.

5 Networking Talk to people you know and they might help in your job search. Talk to relatives, neighbors, community members, and peers about your job searching plans. Be patient and keep working on finding that position that is just right for you.

6 Later in the unit you will learn how to write a cover letter and resume. In today's competitive market, a well-designed resume will give you an advantage.

7 Cold Calling Cold calling is important because it keeps you from wasting: –Time –Energy –Money Driving to and from companies to ask about available positions.

8 Cold Calling The cold calling is calling someone you don’t know to inquire about possible positions. The phone script that you create is usually no longer than 30-45 seconds. It will include … Initial greeting to particular person Introduce yourself Followed by your educational background Then your specific and unique skills Be friendly and confident Be professional Demonstrate your communication skills The script can also be used as a follow-up to a cover letter and resume, or it can be used to start the job interview process to tell about yourself. After you write your script, practice in a mirror and then with a friend.

9 Keeping a Job search Record You need to keep copies or notes of all correspondence, interviews or conversations Notes should include: Company name and address Position you applied for Contact person Contact person's telephone number Method of contact Date of contact Comments Telephone calls you still need to make

10 Example “Cold Calling” phone script Hello, may I speak with ____________? (Hello, is Mr./Ms/Mrs./Dr. _____________ available, please?) My name is _________ ____________. I'm calling about a part time position that could lead to a full time summer job. I recently completed the eighth grade at _________. I enjoyed working with both on a team and as an individual. I learned a great deal about team work and communication with several of my group projects. I also learned _____________ in my extra curricular activities. What other unique qualifications are you looking for in this position? I'm interested in working with you because ___________________. I hope we can get together and discuss the position further. When may I come in for an interview. Thanks again for your time. Good-bye.

11 Job Search Project Employment Leads / Job Searches/Want ads Using reliable references (Internet search engines, current magazines, newspapers, other classified ad listings) for jobs and positions, complete this project. For the Job Search/Want Ad project, the students must cut out classified ads that say NO Experience needed or NO Experience required or NO Experience necessary. These ads are 10 points each. Will train ads or Training provided ads are 5 points each. The Want Ad Project Students are to cut out classified ads (want ads) from newspapers or the Internet that state: NO Experience Needed No Experience Required No Exp. No Experience Each of those ads will be worth 10 points. Training provided Will train The training ads will be worth 5 points each

12 For your Job Search Project Check the Classified Ads in… Local Newspapers –job opportunities are listed in their classified ad sections Online newspaper classified ads Online job search sites

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