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Lynne Russell – Director Restorative Justice 4 Schools.

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1 Lynne Russell – Director Restorative Justice 4 Schools

2 Restorative Approaches are inspired by the philosophy and practices of Restorative Justice which aims to repair harm caused to relationships and communities by conflict. Crucially it is believed that is best achieved by focusing upon the harm caused, rather than assigning blame and dispensing punishment which often fails to address the needs of those most affected.


4 Restorative Justice focuses the individual on their responsibilities to the rights of others

5 Restorative Approaches are a framework of methods that contribute towards the building, maintaining and repairing a community InformalFormal

6 Everyday Behaviour – Building Skills Restorative rulesRestorative languageCheck in and outAims for the dayCircle time Everyday Conflict – Behaviour Issues Reflection time Non prepared restorative chat or enquiry Classroom conference Informal prepared conference High Level Conflict – Alternative to Exclusion Formal prepared conference Restorative sanctions InformalFormal

7 Restorative Justice Conferencing is a process that repairs relationships Restorative Approaches develop skills to build and maintain relationships

8  Happier and safer school  Mutually respectful relationships  More effective teaching and learning  Reducing exclusions  Raising attendance  Developing emotional literacy  Addressing bullying behaviours  Raising morale by culture of inclusion and belonging  Reduces entry into CJS  IT IS NOT A SOFT OPTION

9 Lynne Russell - Restorative Justice 4 Schools Why consider Restorative Approaches? Endeavour High school in Hull: From Spring 2007 – July 2008  45.6% reduction in incidents of verbal abuse  59.4% reduction in incidents of physical abuse  43.2% reduction in incidents of disruptive behaviour  78.6% reduction in incidents of racist incidents  100% reduction in incidents of drug use  50% reduction in incidents of theft  44.5% reduction in fixed term exclusions  62.5% reduction in total days of staff absence * * a saving of over £60,000 in the first 8 months!!

10  A process for resolving conflict  A common language to resolve conflict  Focuses on the needs of the victim  Allows the wrongdoer(s) to understand the impact of their actions  Encourages wrongdoer(s) to take responsibility for their actions  Therefore creates accountability  Likely to change behaviour and build character

11 Incident Preparation Conference Reintegration and refreshments Follow Up

12  RJ is not an opt out of punishment  Conferencing can take place along side punitive measures if the sanction is seen as unavoidable or constructive  Conferencing can take place and effective engagement would cause punitive response to become suspended.  Conferencing can produce a nominated sanctions, reparation or financial restitution  Young people can be asked to give an apology of actions not just words THAT SAID  It is considered more effective when made part of a no blame approach Restorative Justice 4 Schools Ltd12

13  Change of behaviour  Avoids exclusions  Genuine apology and acknowledgement of harm  Conflict stops  Friendships/relationships can be repaired  Lessons are learnt  Everyone has a say  Promotes truth telling  YP take responsibility for their behaviour  Strategy for a better future  Not criminalised and able to stay in education

14 Staff & Pupils using informal Restorative Approaches Restorative language, contracts, class room rules Check in and check out in form /tutor time Rest. chats to resolve low level conflict RJ Conferencing to resolve high level conflict Restorative Justice 4 Schools Ltd Administration Policy, referral system Training Resources, Info. for Parents, Staff, Pupils 14

15 Whole school training 3 Day conferencing facilitation training Peer mentoring/facilitation training Restorative Justice 4 Schools Ltd15

16 Restorative Justice 4 Schools – Facebook 07773 797 587

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