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Classroom Page Training September 20 to September 22 1Classroom Page Training.

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1 Classroom Page Training September 20 to September 22 1Classroom Page Training

2 Classroom Page Purpose To serve as the main method of communicating with parents, eventually replacing the weekly classroom newsletter. September 20 to September 222Classroom Page Training

3 Expectations (1) Pages will be standardized across grades – every teacher will look good All teachers will update their page at minimum once a month, but once a week is recommended Homeroom teacher will post general school information as a reminder, i.e., Spring Break dates; Chinese New Year performance details, etc September 20 to September 223Classroom Page Training

4 Expectations (2) If specialist teachers have information to issue specific to a grade, send that news item to that grade’s teacher, who will then post it on that grade’s News tab (so that parents are not expected to check all specialist pages for pertinent information) No blogging September 20 to September 224Classroom Page Training

5 Edit your page in Wordpress (1) Use Internet Explorer or Firefox Go to: login.php login.php Username: your email address Password: yinghuarocks You are now on the “Dashboard”, which is your starting point for editing September 20 to September 225Classroom Page Training

6 Edit your page in Wordpress (2) Username: your email address Password: yinghuarocks September 20 to September 226Classroom Page Training

7 Edit your page in Wordpress (3) You are now on the “Dashboard”, which is your starting point for editing September 20 to September 227Classroom Page Training

8 Change your Password On the left hand sidebar, click Your Profile Scroll down to About Yourself Enter your new password twice in the boxes provided Write it down September 20 to September 228Classroom Page Training

9 Create the Content on your Page Click POSTS All the current POSTS are listed Click MINE to see only yours September 20 to September 229Classroom Page Training

10 Add a POST (1) Click Add New (under Posts) Enter Title in title bar, for example, Daily Schedule September 20 to September 2210Classroom Page Training

11 Add a POST (2) Enter Body in body section – Copy and Paste from Word Document Click this icon Then choose “Paste as Plain Text” or “Paste from Word” September 20 to September 2211Classroom Page Training

12 Add a POST (3) On right hand side under Categories, check the Classroom box. Then click the name of the tab on which the post should appear: Assignments, Classroom News, and Overview Click Publish September 20 to September 2212Classroom Page Training

13 Go to the live classroom page [ /], refresh, and double check appearance. Go back to Wordpress to tweak as necessary Add a POST (4) September 20 to September 2213Classroom Page Training

14 Insert MEDIA (1) See the Upload/Insert icons at the top of the body section. Click on the starburst (“Add Media”) September 20 to September 2214Classroom Page Training

15 Insert MEDIA (2) Find your media, change the title to something visually appropriate If you are entering a PDF file or a downloadable file, click “File URL” before clicking “Insert into Post” (not Post URL) September 20 to September 2215Classroom Page Training

16 Tips (1) – Visual or HTML The body section has two tabs – visual and HTML. Always edit in Visual (the default tab). You only need to use the HTML tab if you are pasting something in from another source (i.e., from Word, Pages, or other websites). Paste it into the HTML side and then switch back to Visual to edit it. September 20 to September 2216Classroom Page Training

17 Tips (2) – Post Time Stamp Yours posts will show up in reverse order – the most recent post will be on the top. If you want a different order, you can trick the program by changing the date/time stamp on the post. Go to your list of posts, hover over the one you want to change, and click Quick Edit. Change the time as needed to reorder your post. You will probably only need to do this for your Overview tab. September 20 to September 2217Classroom Page Training

18 Tips (3) - Post Time Stamp Similarly, you can enter posts ahead of time, and schedule them to go live later – just alter the timestamp (under Quick Edit, see first tip above) to your specified date/time in the future. September 20 to September 2218Classroom Page Training

19 Tips (4) – Up to 10 Posts Each tab, Assignments, Classroom News, and Overview, will maintain up to 10 posts. After 10 posts, it will automatically archive the oldest one(s). Next year you will be able to access them for updating and re-posting if you wish. September 20 to September 2219Classroom Page Training

20 Tips (5) – Insert “More” Tag If your entry is too long, consider inserting a break with a “read more” button. Simply enter the entire text that you want, then place the cursor where you want the break, and click the Insert More tag (Alt-Shift-T) from the top row of icons, next to the anchor. September 20 to September 2220Classroom Page Training

21 Tips (6) - Acceptable Media Formats to be Able to Open Within the Webpage Images:.jpg.jpeg.png.gif Audio:.mp3.m4a.ogg.wav Video:.mp4.m4v,.mov.wmv.avi.mpg.ogv.3gp.3g2 Only Administrator is able to insert embedded media or youtube link September 20 to September 2221Classroom Page Training

22 Practice and Questions September 20 to September 2222Classroom Page Training

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