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> > > > Association of State Floodplain Managers.

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1 > > > > Association of State Floodplain Managers

2 ASFPM Organization of professionals involved in all aspects of floodplain management Executive Office –17 employees in Madison, Wisconsin Policy is developed primarily from members through Committees to the ASFPM Board for adoption 2

3 16,100 members 36 Chapters State Assoc. & Pending Chapters ASFPM Chapters IA CT

4 Mitigate the losses, costs, and human suffering caused by flooding. and… 4 Our Mission Protect the natural and beneficial functions of floodplains without impacting the property rights of others.

5 National CFM® Certification State Chapter Services & Support Continuing Education Development Develop Tools for Communities & States –Mapping & Regulations Resources –No Adverse Impact (NAI) tools/training –Promote / Share Best Practices Conferences & Events Training Resources 5 ASFPM Member Support

6 ASFPM Chapter Services National representation and voice in Washington, DC Notifications and newsletters on national policy updates, letters to policy makers, and current events Support and resources for training, State conferences, and committees Chapter administration (optional) Website hosting (optional) 6

7 Represent members on national policy Provide input on national legislation New policy & issue development Coordinate with Federal agencies –FEMA / USACE / NOAA / USGS / EPA / HUD / USDA / USFWS Coordinate with Agency Leadership on NFIP and other Mitigation Programs Participate in National Coalitions Partner with organizations of similar mission 7 ASFPM: Your National Voice

8 Certified Floodplain Manager Why Become a CFM®? Foundation of professional knowledge Professional/Public recognition Job advancement potential Motivation for continued education Personal satisfaction / confidence 8 A nationally recognized professional certification

9 No Adverse Impact (NAI) approach that ensures the action of any community or property owner, public or private, does not adversely impact the property and rights of others 9

10 No Adverse Impact (NAI) NAI Toolkit & Coastal NAI Handbook Legal Training with NAI as basis Legal Papers: Recent? NAI Protecting Property Rights of All A Comparative Look at Public Liability for Flood Hazard Mitigation 10

11 ASFPM Conferences & Events ASFPM National Conference Mitigation on My Mind May 31 – June 5, 2015, Atlanta, GA State Flood Risk Symposia February 2015 11

12 Legislative & Policy Update NFIP Reform Stafford Act Reform Agency programs and budgets USGS Streamgages Mitigation—HMGP, SRL, PDM, etc. Levee Mapping & Accreditation 12

13 NFIP Reform Issues INSURANCE Full risk rating for flood insurance Full rates delayed for certain structures Extension of mandatory purchase of insurance in residual risk areas Studies on Community-Based Insurance & Private Sector involvement MAPPING Authorization of a National Mapping Program  Re-establish Technical Mapping Advisory Council 13

14 NFIP Reform Issues REGULATIONS No statutory reforms Encourage FEMA to update rules 44 CFR 60.3 MITIGATION PROGRAMS Combine FMA, SRL, RFC into one program –Authorize at $90M per year –Increase efficiency & consistency 14

15 Stafford Act Reform Support of Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) –Oppose earmarks –Oppose expansion of eligible activities for flood control structures Public Assistance (PA) eligibility for inspectors & permitting 15

16 National Coordination Activities Interagency Flood Risk Management Committee (IFRMC) Mitigation Alliance Natural Floodplain Functions Alliance (NFFA) Participate in national work groups –National Academy of Science (NAS) –Multi-Hazard Mitigation Council –National Committee on Levee Safety (NCLS) –FEMA National Advisory Council (NAC) 16

17 Floodplain Management 2010: State & Local Programs Assessed status of State and Local floodplain management programs nationwide Objective of the project: to assist local communities in understanding potential impacts and implementing mitigation programs ASFPM carried out similar surveys in 1989, 1992, 1995, and 2003; 2010 shows how state level programs have changed during the past seven years. 17

18 Review National Flood Programs & Policies - 2007 22 major categories for policy on all federal programs impacting floods 270 recommendations Available on the ASFPM website 18

19 Why is your Chapter important to the FPM Profession? Training and professional development Networking connections Communicate policy / program updates to membership Promote improvement to state and local laws, policies, standards, and ordinances Provide input from practioners to policy makers 19

20 ASFPM 14 Policy Committees Arid Regions Coastal Issues Flood Insurance Flood Mitigation Mapping & Engineering Standards Professional Development Stormwater Management 20 Floodplain Regulations No Adverse Impact Non-structural floodproofing Natural & Beneficial Functions Training & Outreach International Higher Education

21 How Does > Fit? ASFPM > Board Rep. – > Chapter Dir., > Board Rep. – > ASFPM > Co-Chair > ASFPM > Co-Chair > 21

22 For more information ASFPM 575 D’Onofrio Dr. Ste. 200 Madison, WI 53719 608-828-3000 Details available on the ASFPM website 22

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