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General Information International Support for Faculty and Staff 2012.

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1 General Information International Support for Faculty and Staff 2012

2 This presentation is intended to provide a general overview of programs and services offered at Coastal Carolina University. If hired, specific details will be provided. The language used in this document does not create an employment contract and does not create any contractual rights or entitlements by the candidate. The university reserves the right to revise the content of this summary, in whole or in part, no promises or assurances, whether written or oral, which are contrary to or inconsistent with the terms of this summary create any contract of employment.

3 Immigration The Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity (HREO) is responsible for overseeing employer sponsored work authorization programs for international faculty and staff. Role of Human Resources Office: To promote international exchange and maintain compliance with various federal requirements, HREO at Coastal Carolina University provides: consultation; general counseling; referrals; and support services for U.S. and foreign faculty and staff.

4 Summary of Services Foreign faculty, staff and visiting scholars may be eligible for the following services: Administration of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program for professors, research scholars, short-term scholars and specialists. Management and/or coordination of employer-driven immigration petitions for tenure-track positions, such as: H-1B, TN, O-1 temporary worker applications Labor certifications Employment based permanent resident petitions Adjustments of status as a U.S. permanent resident Information on tax liabilities Employment verification correspondence Adjustment and other relevant services

5 Determination Methods Sponsorship decisions are determined on a case-by-case basis. Factors include: Current visa status Visa restrictions/eligibility requirements Home country residence requirements or other mandatory contingencies Nature/expected length of position hired into Time available to prepare and process petition Other considerations

6 Determination Methods (continued) Several visa types require a significant amount of time to prepare and submit for processing with the appropriate federal government agencies. If the new hire is eligible for work authorization, whether temporary or permanent under the immigration laws, through a process which does not require employer sponsorship, then that method should be used. If the Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity must provide employer assistance, we can provide sponsorship if there is sufficient time to prepare and process another type of work authorization.

7 Frequently Asked Questions How can I learn more about the immigration process at Coastal Carolina University? You are welcome to contact Kim Sherfesee, Director of Compensation and Operations, at anytime to obtain general information about employer sponsored programs offered at Coastal Carolina University. However, detailed information regarding specific and personal immigration matters can only be discussed post job offer. Kim Sherfesee can be contacted at or (843)349-2138. If I am offered a position, when should I seek assistance from the Office of Human Resources? Immediately following notification of a job offer, you should contact Kim Sherfesee at or (843)349-2138.

8 Important Notes All job offers are contingent upon the ability to demonstrate employment eligibility based on federal regulations. Therefore, it is critical to work with the Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity to determine if work authorization can be reasonably obtained by scheduled start date.

9 Contact Information Immigration Kim Sherfesee, 843-349-2138 Employment Jeniffer Silver, 843-349-2139

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