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1 is a Leading Yellow Pages in Bangalore, India



4 is young and enthusiastic company, driven by passion and performance. JustAdz is a technology company dedicated to help small and medium sized businesses to grow and increase their business through offline and online platform. JustAdz also have a strong customer centric approach that ensures a stable and long term relationships with our clients. are one of the leading local search and service providers like lead generation, advertisements, promotions and information services.


6 Strives for Excellence. Shows transparency in all dealings. We Strictly adhere to ethical values. Constantly surpasses the client's expectations. Strives to improve by seeking feedback from others. Lead by example through personal accountability & credibility. Actively fosters the Vision, Mission & Values of the organization. Makes objective decisions that are impartial & unprejudiced.




10 JustAdz strives to exceed the expectations of all its clients. JustAdz have Strong, Well Trained Team of 150+ Customer Support Executives. JustAdz has got an 482 category & 2700 sub category’s [approx] provided on and still growing. We have a great presence online like on,,, and We also promote through SMS & Email Campaigns to generate direct and specific leads based on location for our clients. 24/7 Call Center to provide Information through Well Trained Customer Care Team. We always value Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism and the Feel-Good factor of working with the Clients.


12 JustAdz has built its value proposition as a client partner rather than a service provider with the ability to provide customized delivery solutions based on the client's requirements and enabling process improvements using industry benchmarks and standard quality processes. JustAdz provides an excellent local searching platform for businesses and users to meet at a common junction. An ideal platform for the product & service providers in India, Easy to use functionality, very simple to register and Various options to advertise.


14 Instant Business Promotion Instant Lead Generation Social Media Promotion Search Engine Promotion SMS & Email Campaigns Online Promotions Instant Online Branding Banner Advertisements


16 24/7 Online Information Cost Effective Promotions Save Time & Money Reach Right Target Customers Exclusive Tailored Promotions 365 days Online Support Professional Customer Support Well Built Infrastructure Various Advertising Options Unique Services & Offers 365 days Call Center Support








24 For more details or information Visit: Call: 080 - 45 000 000 Email :

25 Follow us on:

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