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Supercharging Your Job Search with LinkedIn Kevin Grubb

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1 Supercharging Your Job Search with LinkedIn Kevin Grubb

2 First, let’s talk about you

3 Why is social media important? 77% of employers use social media to recruit

4 Why is social media important? 37% of employers use social media to screen candidates

5 Would you hire you?


7 Where’s the best place to be found?

8 Why is LinkedIn important? ~70% of all jobs are found through networking … LinkedIn is networking made easy!

9 “Personal Brand”

10 What words come your mind… Generous, boisterous, empathetic, weight loss/gain, Dr. Phil/Dr. Oz, education

11 What about you?

12 How LinkedIn Works Your Friends’ Friends Your Friends Your Friends’ Friends’ Friends

13 Who Uses LinkedIn? 313 million+ professionals (2 new users join every second) 3 million+ organizations, 150+ industries 67% of users from outside the country 112,000+ Temple University students & alumni (over 11,000 in education!)

14 What LinkedIn Helps You Do 1.Build and/or enhance your professional online presence 2.Connect in a meaningful way with alumni and “warm” contacts, and meet new people 3.Research your employers of choice 4.Search for jobs and opportunities with organizations in a way that includes the people you already know

15 Creating a Strong Profile

16 Top 5 Tips for Stand Out Profiles 1. Professional photo of you alone 2. Headline with current experience and/or career ambitions 3. Keyword-rich summary and descriptions that include language from your target positions 4. A list of groups that represent your affiliations and professional interests 5. Inclusion of professional positions, skills, academic institutions, etc.

17 A Real Profile Review


19 Effective Networking


21 The Power of a Network

22 Top 5 Tips for LinkedIn Networking 1. Upload an email address to see who you already know on LinkedIn 2. Use the “Alumni” tool to find Temple alumni who were once in your shoes. 3. When connecting with someone, always personalize your message 4. Participate in groups that match your affiliations, career path, and interests 5. Searching Company Pages & Jobs can result in finding opportunities at target organizations

23 Adding Connections


25 Effective Connection Messages

26 1. Introduce yourself 2. Warm up the connection 3. Make your ask 4. Thank the person

27 Effective Connection Messages Hi Pat, My name is Kevin, and I’m a Temple senior studying Secondary Education. I’ve been doing research on the field, and came across your profile on LinkedIn. Congrats on all of your success! I’d like to connect with you and would love to hear more about your work. Thank you, Kevin

28 LinkedIn Groups


30 Company Pages




34 Navigating Awkward Moments

35 1. “Unconnecting” with someone - From

36 2. An “unknown” asks to be connected



39 3. “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”


41 A Few Final Tips Get social media strategic. Be an observant fly on the wall. To be seen as valuable, you must add value. Create your “personal learning” network


43 Kevin Grubb What questions can I answer?

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