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Maritess Hochderffer Jessica Driessler, MBA Joey Carassco.

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1 Maritess Hochderffer Jessica Driessler, MBA Joey Carassco

2 Technologies that influence the talent landscape Why Go Social? Global Recruiting Trends New Rules for Recruitment Q & A



5 82 % Of the 82% are mobile only 59 % Of mobile job viewers are passive candidates not actively looking for a job 45 % Of emails LinkedIn sends out are opened on a mobile device

6 On average, job seekers use 16 different sources when searching for a job 85% use search 69% use job boards 83% use our Careers Website 75% use a traditional network

7 Connection to UCSF FB, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn Pages

8 When candidates are able to find you, they use social channels to learn about your employment brand 62 % check you out on social media to make sure what your selling is true Provides the ability for them to decide if they are a match for your culture / values / work experience, before they apply

9 Content Strategy Who / When? Usage & Sharing Policies Where / Format? Message, Substance & SEO

10 There are 1 billion Facebook profiles 84% are job seekers

11 60% of Social networks have professional info

12 1 Social professional networks are increasingly impacting quality of hire 2 Employer branding is both a competitive threat and a competitive advantage 3 Data is used to make better hiring and branding decisions 4 Companies are investing in hiring internally to stop top talent from walking out the door 5 Companies are figuring out the mobile recruiting terrain



15 OR Be Obsolete

16 To Engage and Excite Initiate the conversation Recruiters are Brand Ambassadors We tell stories that illustrate who we are Its all about personalization Use data to track success

17 Current Platform Reach Social Presence: Facebook: Our Company PageOur Company Page Twitter: UCSF CareersUCSF Careers LinkedIn: UCSFMC Page UCSF PageUCSFMC PageUCSF Page LinkedIn Recruiter: Recruiter PlatformRecruiter Platform Identified Recruit: FacebookFacebook

18 What’s Coming Up Preparing our careers site to go Mobile Adjust recruitment tactics to capture the mobile audience Exploring mobile apply App Considering the usage of ‘apply with a LinkedIn profile’ Expand reach of our career brand messaging across all social platforms Increase social conversation opportunities about our culture and employment experience using visual mediums

19 Thank You!

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