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LINKEDIN for job hunters and networkers Class created by Pierre Rosen, MLIS Last modified 4/29/2014.

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1 LINKEDIN for job hunters and networkers Class created by Pierre Rosen, MLIS Last modified 4/29/2014

2 Why are we here today?

3 Parts of the Job Search Process Self-Exploration * Research your career and its job market * Network with others in your field * Find job openings through networking contacts Find job openings through job postings / ads Find job openings by pounding the pavement * Create, update, and revise resumes for each job Send out highly personalized cover letters along with each resume Get interviewed Handle all those job offers that come in at the same time Start your new job Evaluate and incorporate lessons learned Continue networking Continue job hunting while employed *We have tools to help you with this! Source:

4 What is networking? “Engaging in conversations to build relationships” Informational Interviewing Meeting people at conferences and other events Having conversations with people who have been: arranged through personal connections or professional referrals Source:

5 What benefits do I get from networking? Company and market research Develop relationships within an industry Identify open positions or job leads that may not be publicly listed According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, approximately 70-75% of jobs are found through networking rather than job postings Demonstrate interest in a new field / Evaluate potential career options Help prepare job applications, resumes and cover letters Follow up on an application to a posted position Source:

6 What is LinkedIn?


8 Who is on LinkedIn?

9 Why should I join LinkedIn? Networking “I often refer to LinkedIn as the great cocktail party in the sky.” Source: LinkedIn: Busting 8 Damaging Myths About What It can Do For Your Career, Kathy Caprino. 13 Sep. 2011. If You’re Not on LinkedIn – You Don’t Exist More than 90% of recruiters are using LinkedIn every day to find talent, some of them ONLY use LinkedIn. This means that, if you're not there? You don't appear in their searches. Source: Source: LinkedIn is an essential component of the networking process. It is a form of reputational management. Remember, LinkedIn is ONE part of your job hunting and networking strategy. You have to continue to look for jobs in other places too.

10 How do I use LinkedIn? Your Profile Content Defines Your Online Reputation Your Profile Picture tells recruiters a lot Add new contacts after a business meeting for further networking Use in conjunction with ReferenceUSA before a job interview to conduct competitive intelligence on your interviewer. Use connections feature to get introductions for informational interviews. Join industry groups and have conversations about articles you and others have posted. Use your Home page to keep track of your contacts professional developments updates, congratulate them on new jobs, or e-mail them about opportunities.

11 Joining LinkedIn









20 Editing Your Profile

21 How do I write a good summary? This is a good place to put a written elevator speech Each of the below elements could be a sentence in a paragraph: 1.Describe who you are, and what drives your professional passions. 2.Describe your job background in general. 3.Highlight your most important accomplishments or projects 4.State what you are looking for (if you are looking) Use your own voice Use keywords from your industry Look at other professionals from your industry to model after Source:

22 How do I write a good job description? Take a job duty and turn it into an accomplishment. First, only include job duties that your targeted job is seeking in the job ad. Then, expand it further by adding numerical or concrete evidence of an accomplishment. Meh: Proficient in Microsoft Word Okay: Used Microsoft Word to create monthly orders. Awesome: Used Microsoft Excel and Word to create a mail merge that increased office productivity by 25% by automating monthly ordering. If you need help brainstorming a list of accomplishments, start by listing everything that set you apart. Ask yourself: Have I ever taken on additional job duties? How have I made myself stand out at work and won my bosses praise? Have I won any awards at work? Did I discover or implement a new work flow? Did I solve a difficult problem that stumped others? Have I met or exceeded goals or quotas? How have I saved the company money? What things have made me excel at my job? Then add some hard data / numbers and explaining how it benefited your organization Don’t forget to upload examples of your work from your job here, if possible!” Source: matters/?catid=cl&SiteId=cbmsn466&sc_extcmp=JS_66_advice Source:

23 Skills & Endorsements I would definitely choose to allow endorsements! Choose to include me in endorsement suggestions to my connections Optional: Choose Show me suggestions to endorse my connections Optional: Send me notifications via email when my connections endorse me

24 Account Settings: Privacy



27 Account Settings: Account Privacy


29 Resources Complete Guide to Job Hunt Process: LinkedIn Summary: Elevator Speeches LinkedIn Learning Webinars: Informational Interviewing:

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