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SocialCRM for Nonprofits Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Chris Hanson, CEO - thedatabank, inc.

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1 SocialCRM for Nonprofits Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Chris Hanson, CEO - thedatabank, inc.

2 thedatabank, inc. Pioneer in web-based nonprofit software First online fundraising software - 1998 Online advocacy software - 2000 Integrated bulk html email marketing - 2003 Integrated SocialCRM - 2012 Over 1000 organization use the Databank Chris Hanson, Co-founder & CEO 30 years of fundraising and direct marketing experience

3 The Evolution of Consumer Engagement

4 Social Media and Nonprofits The question isn’t should you using social media, it’s how should you be using social media. The Numbers are Staggering Facebook – 900,000,000 Twitter – 500,000,000 LinkedIn – 150,000,000 Google+ - 100,000,000 The Opportunity is Huge


6 Social Media and Nonprofits Does It Really Work?

7 Social Media and Nonprofits Does It Really Work? YES! In April 2011, thedatabank launched its Social Media Plan. Since then: Website traffic up 50% Unique visitors up 41% Page views up 51% Average time on site up 52% Bounce rate cut in half 78% - 38% Prospects in pipeline at all time high

8 Social Media and Nonprofits Facebook* High adoption by nonprofits: 93% Rapid year-year growth of fans: 30%+ Average acquisition cost: $3.50 Average 12 month value of Facebook supporter: $214.81 Only 33% of organizations on Facebook ask for an individual donation *4 th Annual Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report – 2012

9 Social Media and Nonprofits Twitter* Growing adoption by nonprofits: 72% Rapid year-year growth of followers: 81%+ Average acquisition cost for a follower: $2.05 LinkedIn* Lower but growing adoption rate: 44% Best for organization that work with other organizations or doing recruitment work *4 th Annual Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report – 2012

10 Social Media and Nonprofits In spite of the significant financial return that some nonprofits are seeing on social media Only 5% are measuring ROI on their social media activities 80% have ½ FTE or less staff dedicated to social media,11% of those have no staff 80% spend less than $25K on social media, 46% of those have $0 budget WHY? *4 th Annual Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report – 2012

11 Social Media and Nonprofits Lack of an integrated DEVELOPMENT plan that includes social media (marketing/communications?) Lack of understanding/fear by Board, ED, old people Seen as a rapidly changing fad No clear ROI Don’t have the tools or knowledge to implement and manage a campaign Like we need another thing to do. Where’s the intern. What’s your excuse?

12 Should You Use Social Media? The Evolving Prospecting Conundrum Increased cost for direct mail acquisitions Increased competition in direct mail Decreasing universe of people responsive to direct mail Email prospecting – not! Can you say SPAM If direct mail is dying, telephones are dead, and email prospecting will land you in jail what are you going to do? Time to talk to your friends, fans, and followers If you rely on individual donors to sustain you have no choice

13 SocialCRM Gives you the data and tools you need to develop, implement and manage your social media strategy. Gives you what you need to see immediate return on your social media activities. With the Databank SocialCRM module you will raise more money and build more support.

14 Step One: Understand you current supporters social media network and activity Focus on specific social media channels Focus on leveraging your existing social media influencers Develop your social media plan SocialCRM

15 Who should I being talking to?






21 Now we’re getting somewhere

22 Step Two: Build Your Social Media Plan Be realistic in what you can do. Start where you’ll have the greatest leverage – Network Member Focus Social Media is not free – it takes time and money Make sure social media is integrated with other development, marketing and communication activities Make sure you have a way to measure SocialCRM

23 Use Social Profile to Focus on the Best Social Channel(s)

24 Use Social Scoring to Focus on Who to Talk To

25 Step Three: Implement and Manage Your Plan Build your social relationships by network and member Monitor social activities of your social influencers, partners, competitors and others Track and organize incoming and outgoing social media activity, keywords, and topics Channel every post, tweet, and comment to one central location Analyze results of your social media activities SocialCRM

26 Social Media Dashboard 1- stop social media management automated social publishing social brand management competitive intelligence social lead conversion social analytics

27 SocialCRM How can the Databank’s SocialCRM module help you raise more money and build more support? Identify donors by social media activity Target communications by network activity and social score Build relationships with Social Influencers to rapidly get your message out to their networks

28 SocialCRM Total # # Donors % Donated # Donations Total $ Average $ Average $ per Donor LinkedIn 7039 1449 21% 4404 $799,351 $181.51 $551.66 Facebook 3680 708 19% 2242 $238,653 $106.45 $337.08 Twitter 880 219 25% 671 $82,269 $122.61 $375.66 LI & Facebook 2439 497 20% 1578 $183,734 $116.43 $369.69 LI & Twitter 661 161 24% 547 $69,309 $126.71 $430.49 FB & Twitter 408 93 23% 348 $30,445 $87.49 $327.37 All 3 335 71 21% 280 $23,410 $83.61 $329.72

29 SocialCRM Donors with LinkedIn profiles had significantly higher average gifts and 24 month value. Increase ask amounts to LinkedIn donors by 10% 10% of LinkedIn donors increase their gift by 10% 1449 LinkedIn donors x 10% x $18 (10% of average gift) = $2,608.20 in increased donations SocialCRM cost - $100 per month

30 SocialCRM Final Thoughts Don’t forget your other communications channels The social media world is fluid, evolving It’s active It’s responsive It’s big but you can find what you’re looking for It’s everywhere It can be fun The time to start for real is now!

31 SocialCRM for Nonprofits Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Chris Hanson, CEO - thedatabank, inc.

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