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2 EPLO Overview Army EPLO Program
Mission DoDD Role Of The EPLO Assignments Structure Regional EPLO Team Individual Missions State EPLOs Co-Located Army EPLO Program Regional Planning Agents Areas Of Responsibility USMC MEPLO to FEMA Regional Distribution EPLO Coordination 9 JUN 99

3 EPLO Mission Facilitate Planning for Military Support to Civil Authorities and provide trained teams of DoD liaison personnel to represent essential DoD Components, as appropriate, for response to any national security emergency Note: It is DoD Policy to cooperate and provide military support and/or assistance to civil authorities as directed by and consistent with applicable law, Presidential Directives, Executive Orders, and DoD Directives 9 JUN 99

4 Authorities DoDD December 2000 Military Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer (EPLO) Program - ESTABLISHES Policy, program, and management guidance Biennial manpower reviews Automated data processing equipment/technical support Minimum requirements for training Use of inactive duty training (IDT), active duty training (ADT), and active duty training other than for training (ADOT) days Authorization and selection criteria 9 JUN 99

5 Manual For Civil Emergencies - June 1994
Authorities DoD M Manual For Civil Emergencies - June 1994 EPLO is a generic term used to refer collectively to service and other DoD agency personnel who coordinate military assistance to other Federal agencies and State governments Positions may be filled by Reservists, full-time civilians, or active duty military, as deemed appropriate by the parent organization Must be knowledgeable of their Service’s capabilities, mechanisms for providing emergency support and DoD MSCA capabilities and support mechanisms Typically a senior Reserve officer 9 JUN 99

6 Manual For Civil Emergencies - June 1994
Authorities DoD M Manual For Civil Emergencies - June 1994 Activation: EPLOs volunteer to be activated upon presidential declaration May be ordered to active duty for up to 30 days - Title 10 USC, 672 (d) Request for activation at discretion of supported Unified Combatant Commander – can be activated prior to Presidential declaration JDOMS issues EXORD for Assistance Security of Defense (ASD) (HD) authorizing activation Activation orders/notification accomplished through Regional Planning Agents (RPAs) EPLO will contact DCO upon arrival in disaster area 9 JUN 99

7 Role Of The EPLO Link in the DoD’s MACA Response Chain
Integration of Plans – Unity of Effort Authority on Service Capabilities Interaction - Network, Network, Network Support as Required Operations - Hands On Need - Continuity in Response Operations 9 JUN 99

8 Unified Combatant Commander Hq
EPLO Assignments States Unified Combatant Commander Hq National Guard JFHQ DHS EPRD Regions Federal Agencies OES MACOMs Installations EPLO 9 JUN 99

9 Principal Regional EPLO
EPLO Structure Most Experienced Principal Regional EPLO 1 Per Region Min Regional EPLO 10 Regions 1 Per State Min State EPLO 9 JUN 99

10 Regional EPLO Team Note:
Principal EPLO Army Element USAF Element USMC Element Navy Element Corps Of Engineers Medical Note: Liaison officers remain under C2 and administration of parent services Principal EPLO provides policy guidance for team DISA Defense Logistics Agency 9 JUN 99 52

11 Individual Missions Principal Regional EPLO (PREPLO)
Serves as the Federal military liaison of the Regional Planning Agent to the Region Regional EPLO (REPLO) Provide DoD and service liaison with Federal Regional organizations and agencies State EPLO (SEPLO) Provide Service liaison to the military and civil authorities within the State, commonwealth, US possessions and other eligible jurisdictions 9 JUN 99 53

12 State EPLOs Co-Located
Governor TAG JFHQ State EPLO 9 JUN 99

13 Training, Exercises, & Activation
Army EPLO Program Program Manager Recruiting & Admin EPLOs OPCON For Training, Exercises, & Activation 9 JUN 99 53

14 Regional Planning Agents Areas Of Responsibility
Fifth Army RTF-WEST First Army RTF-EAST Federal Regions I, II, III, IV,V 27 States, DC Federal Region s VI, VII,VIII, IX, X 21 States 9 JUN 99

15 USMC MEPLO to FEMA Regional Distribution
II III IV V VI VII VIII X IX 1 Senior MEPOL 1 MEPLO Pre Region (10 Total) 1 MEPLO – Hq First Army 1 MEPLO – Hq Fifth Army 9 JUN 99

16 “It’s not so much what you know, but who you know”
EPLO Coordination “It’s not so much what you know, but who you know” Visit and train with DCO/DCE Visit/brief: State/local EMAs and EOCs Coast Guard, Corps of Engineers, installation/Service’s commands Work as a team with the other EPLOs Participate in planning meetings, exercises, conferences, training Prepare as backup for other EPLO(s) Work with the National Guard STARC Meet and brief TAG, POTO, POMSO Participate in State and National Guard DP exercises Review and evaluate National Guard contingency plans 9 JUN 99

17 Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer


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