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The Reasons for the Seasons

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1 The Reasons for the Seasons

2 Rotation Earth spins on axis (imaginary line through center of Earth from North to South Pole) Rotation is counter clockwise as seen from North Pole Earth spins on its axis like a top

3 Rotation - Axis Earth tilt = 23.5°
Polaris Rotation - Axis Earth tilt = 23.5° Axis currently pointed at Polaris (the North Star)

4 Rotation Earth rotates once every 24 hrs
The rotation causes day & night Earth’s rotation causes celestial objects to appear to move from east to west in Northern Hemisphere

5 Revolution Movement of one object around another
Earth revolves around our Sun counterclockwise Earth’s orbit is almost circular rather than oval shaped but is still referred to as an elliptical orbit 365 ¼ days to revolve once around the Sun (~ a year)

6 Two Primary Reasons for the Seasons (on Earth)
angle of Sun in the sky at a given time and latitude number of hours of daylight at a given time and latitude. Handout available at

7 Seasons

8 Seasons Northern hemisphere tilts towards Sun = warmer (Summer)

9 Seasons Northern hemisphere tilts away from Sun = cooler (winter)

10 Seasons In the Spring and the Fall, the tilt of the Earth is such that the spread of sunlight shines on the Earth approximately equally

11 Seasons Southern hemisphere seasons are opposite Northern hemisphere seasons If its Winter here, then Australia is having _?_.

12 Solstices Occur twice yearly when the Sun is directly over “Tropics” (23.5°N and 23.5°S Latitude) Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere (Sun directly over Tropic of Cancer-23.5°N-at noon) Winter solstice = shortest day of the year for Northern Hemisphere (Sun directly over Tropic of Capricorn-23.5°S-at noon)

13 Equinox equal night & day Occurs twice each year
Half-way between solstices noon sun directly over equator Sun will be at its highest point in our sky at noon but never directly overhead in Texas… why do you think this is true?

14 Click on “Seasons” to watch the animated video:

15 Sketch and label the diagram:

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