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2 BELL WORK: Answer on a piece of paper: When people choose a marriage partner they are also choosing a parent for their children. What qualities would you look for?

3 OBJECTIVES: List the costs related to having and raising a child. (1.5) Name reasons for family planning. (1.6) List factors that influence family planning decisions. (1.7)

4 UNIT 1 – THE PARENTHOOD DECISION OBJECTIVES: 1.5 - List the costs related to having and raising a child. *List two from each category.

5 Furniture  Bed  Changing table  Rocker Equipment  Bath tub  Stroller  Swing Supplies  Diaper/wipes  Formula  Feeding supplies Clothes  T-shirts  Gowns  Socks Toys  Rattles  Stuffed animals  Bath toys Childcare  Types and cost vary LIST COSTS RELATED TO HAVING AND RAISING A CHILD — 1.5

6 1.6 - WHY PLAN YOUR FAMILY? 1.Make sure children are truly wanted. 2.Allow time to build a solid relationship with your spouse or partner before having children. 3.Make sure you are prepared to raise children.

7 WHAT ARE SIGNS OF A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP? 1.The relationship is satisfying. 2.Each person treats the other respectfully. 3.The relationship is stable. 4.Both people work to resolve conflicts and reach compromises. 5.The couple shares a common philosophy about having and raising children. 6.The couple doesn’t have serious differences or problems.

8 RELATIONSHIPS.. Stability - firmness in position; continuance without change; permanence  Having children strengthens stable relationships but...  Having a baby makes a weak relationship weaker.

9 How do you think children would affect a marriage relationship?

10 1.7 - SO, WHAT SHOULD YOU CONSIDER BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO BECOME A PARENT? ? Do you like children? ? Are you READY? ? Is your relationship strong enough? ? Is your bank account big enough? ? Is this the right time in your life for children? ? Am I healthy enough to have children?

11 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF (AND YOUR SPOUSE): DISCUSS AT YOUR TABLE (P. 146)  Do we share common values on raising/disciplining children?  How soon do we want to begin a family?  How many kids do we want?  How far apart in years do we want them to be spaced?  How will we balance work and family?  Who will take care of the children?

12 “MY IDEALISTIC TIMELINE” o Plan your future family. o Tell when you’ll have your first, second, third, etc. child. o Determine what year it will be for each birth. o Highlight other life accomplishments on your time line.

13 o Your birth year o Turn 5, start kindergarten o Turn 16 o Turn 18 o Turn 21 o Turn 40 o Turn 50 o Turn 60 o Turn 75 o Turn 85 o Turn 90 o Death (??) ALL ABOUT YOU!!

14 o School o 1 st car o College o Jobs o 1 st house o Retirement (usually around 70) o Fun! o Marriage (if applicable)  10 th anniversary  25 th anniversary  50 th anniversary ACCOMPLISHMENTS

15 o Birth year. o Turn 5, Start kindergarten. o Turn 18, Graduate high school. o When they have children (your grandchildren). YOUR CHILD OR CHILDREN:

16 o In chronological order! o Complete! Neat! o Accomplishment (s) – List the year. o You do not have to have something for every year of your life. YOUR TIMELINE SHOULD BE…


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