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Chapter 5 WW I & WW II Notes. WWI (1914 – 1918):

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1 Chapter 5 WW I & WW II Notes

2 WWI (1914 – 1918):

3 I. Causes of WWI

4 A. Militarism – a nation’s policy to maintain strong armed forces. 1. Great Britain and Germany race to have the largest navy 2. France, Russia, and Germany compete to build an army

5 B. Imperialism – a nation’s attempt to gain control of weaker nations. 1. Europe divided Africa into colonies for raw materials and trade goods 2. Europe forces China to grant them trading rights

6 C. Nationalism – extreme pride in one’s country. 1. European nations want to regain lost territories and add land 1. European nations want to regain lost territories and add land

7 D. Alliances – the formation of military agreements among nations 1. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy formed the Triple Alliance in 1882.  Become the Central Powers 2. Great Britain, France, Russia formed the Triple Entente in 1907.  Become the Allies Powers

8 II. New Weapons

9 A.Machine Gun – 90% killed were shot B.Poison Gas – Germany 1st to use in 1915 C.Airplanes – more for observation D.Tanks – troops now able to leave the trenches E.Long Range Cannons –lots of destruction


11 III. Results of WWI

12 A. Treaty of Versailles 1. Forced Germany to accept sole responsibility for war 2. Germany had to pay high war debts and lost all colonies 3. Germany very bitter after WWI

13 B. League of Nations 1. Established to keep peace and prevent future wars

14 C. Many nations hurt financially, lots of war debts 1. Increased supply of paper money 2. This leads to inflation and high prices of goods

15 D. Many angry over boundaries lines drawn after war, causes tensions everywhere

16 WWI Pictures

17 Tank Trench Warfare

18 Machine Gun Flame Thrower Long Range Canon

19 Big Bertha Tank Machine Gun Airplane

20 Howitzer Tank

21 Trench Warfare Gas Mask Zeppelin Bombs for Zeppelin

22 WWII (1939 – 1945):

23 I. Problems left over from WWI: A. Germany was bitter over its treatment following WWI B. Worldwide economic depression added to poverty of many nations  The Allies = good guys  The Axis = bad guys

24 II. The Rise of Dictators: A. Powerful leaders gained control of Italy (Mussolini), Germany (Hitler), and Japan (Tojo) B. Joseph Stalin became Communist dictator of Soviet Union –1. It was his secret agreement with Hitler to divide Poland –2. This helped start WWII

25 III. Other Important Leaders A. Winston Churchill – Great Britain B. Charles de Gaulle – France C. Franklin Roosevelt – USA D. Harry Truman – USA

26 IV. Results of WWII A. The United Nations was established B. The USA and Soviet Union emerge as superpowers of the world C. Germany, Italy, and Japan are stripped of all lands they seized before and during the war.

27 D. Great Britain, France, USA, and Soviet Union all keep military in different parts of Germany E. Soviet Union dominates other East European countries F. USA military in Japan until 1952 G. The atomic bomb used against Japan 1945 marked the beginning of the nuclear age. * December 7, 1941 = Pearl Harbor & USA start in WWII * December 7, 1941 = Pearl Harbor & USA start in WWII

28 WWII Pictures

29 ChurchillDe GualleRoosevelt HitlerMussolini Tojo

30 USS California Sinking ~ see people in water Photograph from a Japanese aircraft of Pearl Harbor including Battleship Row at the beginning of the attack. The explosion in the center is a torpedo strike on the USS West VirginiaBattleship RowUSS West Virginia

31 DAMAGE CAUSED BY THE ATOMIC BOMB EXPLOSION Leveled Area...................6.7 million square meters Casualties Killed------73,884 Injured-----74,909 Total------148,793 (Large numbers of people died in the following years from the effects of radioactive poisoning.) “Fat Boy”

32 Nagasaki

33 Japanese - American internment camps


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