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World War Looms. Treaty of Versailles Stalin & the Soviet Union Totalitarian.

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1 World War Looms


3 Treaty of Versailles Stalin & the Soviet Union Totalitarian

4 Mussolini & Italy Fascism Hitler & Germany Aryan culture Lebensraum

5 Tojo in Japan militarism

6 Francisco Franco

7 Isolationism Neutrality Acts

8 Axis Powers U.S. Defense Third term

9 Lend-Lease Plan German wolf packs

10 The Atlantic Charter

11 The Soviet Union Declares Neutrality By March 1939,German troops occupy rest of Czechoslovakia Hitler eyes Poland – would bring two-front war Stalin & Hitler sign nonaggression pact—will not attack each other Sign second, secret pact agreeing to divide Poland between them Soldiers in foxhole

12 Blitzkrieg in Poland Sept. 1939, Hitler overruns Poland in blitzkrieg, lightning war Germany annexes western Poland; U.S.S.R. attacks, annexes east; Poland ceased to exist On September 3, 1939 in response to the invasion of Poland, Britain and France declare war on Germany.


14 The Phony War French, British soldiers on Maginot Line face Germans in sitzkrieg (sitting war) Stalin annexes Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania; defeats Finland 1940, Hitler invades Denmark, Norway, then Low Countries


16 The Fall of France British, French trapped on Dunkirk; ferried to safety in UK 1940, Italy invades France from south; Germans approach Paris France falls; Germans occupy northern France Nazi puppet government set up in southern France General Charles de Gaulle sets up government-in- exile in England

17 The Battle of Britain Summer 1940, Germany prepares fleet to invade Britain Battle of Britain— German planes bomb British targets Britain uses radar to track, shoot down German planes Hitler calls off invasion of Britain Germans, British continue to bomb each other’s cities

18 Luftwaffe bombing raids over Britain - 1940

19 AMERICA MOVES TOWARD WAR Roosevelt pushes Congress to pass the cash and carry policy Germany, Italy and Japan sign a mutual defense treaty, The Tripartite Pact (Axis Powers) The Selective Service is enacted; boosted defense spending 1940 Roosevelt proposes the Lend Lease Act June 1941 Hitler breaks agreement with Soviet Union and invades Germany sub attacks on U.S. ships Churchill and Roosevelt meet for the Atlantic Charter- Allied Nations; undeclared naval war with Germany

20 thewar/detail_5339.h tm

21 thewar/detail_5337.h tm

22 http://plasma.nation arlharbor/index.html

23 Bits and Pieces Japan had already invaded China, Manchuria Indochina U. S. cuts off trade with Japan- no fuel or oil Tojo orders navy to prepare for an attack 180 warplanes attack Pearl Harbor Killed 2,403 Americans; sank or damaged 21 ships; including 8 battleships; 300 aircraft damanged Roosevelt addressed Congress, “Yesterday, December 7, 1941 a date that will live in infamy…”

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