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A Toddler’s Environment RED *Remember: YOU write anything that is RED!

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1 A Toddler’s Environment RED *Remember: YOU write anything that is RED!

2 What will we learn today? Standard: – ET-ECE-7: Explore the growth, development, and care of the toddler. EQ: – How does a toddler’s environment effect their development?

3 A toddler’s environment influences the extent to which their potential is developed! Environment: – people, places, and things that surround and influence a person – This includes: family, home, school, and/or community Children are especially influenced by: – What they read – The music they listen to – What they watch on T.V. – The community in which they grow up

4 Environments that Promote Intellectual Development MUST: Stimulate the senses – Have things to: see, touch, hear, eat, and smell Have toys – Children learn through play! – Make sure toys are appropriate Have caregivers that interact – Toddlers need AND desire affection – Helps toddlers learn, develop, and survive Include encouragement – Caregivers should constantly praise and encourage toddlers – Helps build stability and confidence

5 A good environment will include things that are Developmentally Appropriate for the child. Suitable for a particular age – This includes: toys, activities, and tasks – EX: An 18-month-old can stack two blocks. So, activities involving large building blocks would be developmentally appropriate for 18-month-olds.

6 A toddler’s home is their environment… They love to explore, but the average home contains many hazardous things. – Pregnant women should start baby-proofing their house BEFORE their baby is born – Parents should toddler-proof their home once baby starts crawling Toddlers are a lot more mobile and active than infants.

7 Toddler-Proofing Your Home: Hazards that should be removed from young children's reach to make a home as safe as possible: – Small Toys choking hazards – Poisons – Lighters – Lead-Based Paint – Sharp objects knives razors

8 Safety Concerns for Toddlers: Water Safety: – Drowning is one of the leading causes of death for toddlers – Can drown in as little as 1 inch of water! – NEVER leave them alone in the bath! Choking hazards: – Cut food into bite-sized pieces – Stay seated while eating Motor Vehicle Safety: – MUST ride in a car seat that faces forward and is secured with seatbelts

9 More Safety Concerns for Toddlers: Fire safety: – Keep away from: candles, fireplaces, matches, and lighters – Start teaching: Stop, Drop, and Roll Pet Protection: – Do not leave alone with a dog or cat – Teach them to wash hands after petting animals

10 A Guide to Learning: Toddler Edition What you will do: You will work with a partner (or alone) to create a book about toddlers Your book can be handmade OR made using PowerPoint Your book MUST include: – A Title Page Author/Illustrator – A Table of Contents page numbers – A Glossary page numbers – Pictures drawn, cut from magazines, or found on internet Information you MUST include: (At Least) 2 ways parents can guide children’s learning (At Least) 2 roles toys play in learning AND (At Least) 2 examples of age appropriate toys (At Least) 2 examples of an environment that promotes intellectual development (At Least) 2 hazards caregivers should remove from a toddler’s reach to make a home as safe as possible (At Least) 2 safety concerns for toddlers Vocabulary: Incidental Learning, Directed learning, Developmentally Appropriate, Parallel Play, Self-Centered DUE TODAY!!

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