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Summer Ball By: Jackson & Touré.

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1 Summer Ball By: Jackson & Touré

2 Danny Walker: 13 year old Danny Walker is really passionate for basketball despite is height. Danny is a leader and descendent to play in the NBA. Tess Hewitt: Tess is an encouraging girl. Great athlete, loves to hang with the ‘guys’, and not in the lovy dovey way. Richie Walker: Danny’s dad, made the NBA in a lottery pick, is super serious about basketball. He is an encouraging influence. Will: Will is Danny’s best friend. They always play basketball together. Will is a pretty good basketball player, nice person…. SOMETIMES! Tarik: Tarik has is own language that Will really wants to learn but the language is really hard to learn. So basically he speaks slang. Tarik meets Ty, Danny, Will, and Tess at camp Right Way. Ty: Ty is from Middletown like Tess, Danny, and Will. Ty is one of the best basketball players in Middletown. Main Characters

3 Setting There is two main settings.
1: Danny and his friends hometown, Middletown. 2: Camp Right Way, it’s a basketball camp that Ty, Danny, Will, and Tarik go to. Right Way is located in Maine by a town called Cedarville. Setting

4 Danny, Will, Ty, and Tarik get to camp Right Way and get assined to basketball team and coaches. Tarik, Danny, and Will are on the same team but Ty isn’t. When they find out who there coach is it ends up to be Coach Ed Powers. He hates Danny because Danny’s dad was going to go Ed Powers college that he coached but he changed at the last minute. So coach Powers is taking his anger out on Danny. Also there is a kid on Danny’s team named Rasheed that Danny played against in a travel team championship. Rasheed got fouled out of the game because he says Danny flopped, which means he faked getting fouled. Rising Action

5 Danny and his pals play in there first game
Danny and his pals play in there first game. In the last second the Celtics ( Danny, Will, and Tarik’s team ) are losing but could win the game if they make a basket. Coach Ed wants Danny to pass to Rasheed because Ed thinks Rasheed is the best player. Danny wants to take the shot so he does but he misses it, and they LOSE! Ed is furies! Climax

6 Danny has a friend that is 12 named Zach, and Danny hates Rasheed until Rasheed’s friend Lamar takes Zach’s ball and pops it. Danny comes charging at Lamar and nocks him down. Lamar gets up and is about to really give Danny a beating when Rasheed comes in and starts chocking Lamar. Long story short Danny and Rasheed get suspended for 2 games, Lamar doesn’t get in trouble! Rasheed and Danny are now friends, and now Lamar and Danny are brutal enemies. Coach Ed still doesn’t like Danny. Coach Ed thinks that Danny stinks at basketball so he says he shouldn't play basketball but instead play SOCCER. Falling Action

7 In the end Tess comes to visit Camp Right Way to see Danny, Will, Tarik, and Ty. Danny ends up playing in the championship and he’s playing against…Lamar. We aren’t going to tell you the ending because we think you should find out yourself. But we will say everything will turn out okay! Resolution

8 Jackson’s recommendations: I recommend that you read Travel Team, it’s the first book in the series. I am currently reading Travel Team and Touré has almost finished it. Touré’s recommendations: I recommend Mike Lupica books because it excites you and suspenseful Recommendations!


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