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Prepared by : Ameera Khalil Mohammad Hassouna Walaa Jehad Abu Saqer

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1 Prepared by : Ameera Khalil Mohammad Hassouna Walaa Jehad Abu Saqer
The Islamic University Faculty of Education English Language Short Story PRESENTATION OF Cat in the rain Prepared by : Ameera Khalil Mohammad Hassouna Walaa Jehad Abu Saqer December

2 Welcome Next

3 2. Plot summary & Plot structure
CONTENTS 1. The author 2. Plot summary & Plot structure 3. Characters 4. Point of View 5. Setting 6. The style 7. THEME 8. symbolism Next

4 The author Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway was born on 22, July, 1899 in the united states of America. In a year after graduating from high school in Oak park, Illinois, Ernest volunteered as an am balance driver in World was I . At the Italian front, he was seriously wounded . This experience haunted him and many of characters in his short stories and novels. He won many awards such as “Pulitzer prize for fiction” in 1953 and “ Nobel prize in literature” in 1954. Ernest has many works for example : “Indian Camp”, “The Sun also Rises”, The Old Man and the sea”, and “Soldier’s Home”. When he was 62 years old and terminally ill with cancer, he committed suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun in 1961. Next

5 Plot summary & Plot structure
The short story "Cat in the Rain" was written by Ernest Hemingway in the 1920´s. It is about an American couple that spends their holidays in an Italian hotel. It is a rainy day and the American woman sees a cat in the rain, which she wants to protect from the raindrops. When she goes out of the hotel, which is kept by an old Italian who really seems to do everything to please that woman, and wants to get the cat, it is gone. After returning to the hotel room, she starts a conversation with her husband George, who is reading all the time, telling him how much she wants to have a cat and other things, for instance her own silver to eat with. Her husband seems to be annoyed by that and not interested at all. At the end of the story there is a knock on the door and the maid stands there holding a cat for the American woman in her hands. Plot Structure: “cat in the Rain” follows the Aristotelian plot line, and it has all pants: Introduction – rising action – climax – falling action – an end Next

6 Characters The American wife : -
There are many personality traits in her characteristic: Emotional emptiness Loneliness Childishness Her strong feelings for the hotel-keeper. Next

7 Characters George : - He treats his wife with a lack of affection and attention. He thinks his wife is acting like a child, but actually he doesn’t understand her and makes no efforts to make her feels loved, wanted or makes her feels like a real woman. He is a selfish husband that he ignores his wife’s feelings. Next

8 Characters Hotel Keeper : -
His attitude differs from the husband’s attitude towards the American wife. She admires his will to serve her, he gives her the attention she needs and that she is not getting from her husband . He is friendly and responsible . He is very caring person. Next

9 Point of View The narrator in the short story “Cat in the Rain” is a third-person omniscient who is the author. In spite of this, we can see that the reader is invited to imagine the actions as the second-person narrative therefore, our sympathies as readers lie with the female protagonist who is the American wife. Next

10 Setting Place : Italy Time : IN one day or in short few hours.
Weather condition : It is rainy. Mood or atmosphere: cold, sad and unfriendly. Social condition : Couple’s life in a holiday. Next

11 The repetition of the same verb “want”, also the pronoun “I”.
The style Figures of speech “Alliteration” The repetition of the sounds (r-L)eg: “The Rain dRipped fRom the palm tRee” The repetition of the same verb “want”, also the pronoun “I”. Language: Dialogue, narration, speech. Italian language. (eg: signor, brutto tempo) Deixis: Deixis of place: there - under the table – at the window Deixis of time: now – spring – summer Social deixis: Madman, husband, wife, maid Next

12 THEME Marriage Problems and the different levels between couples.
Feminism Next

13 Symbolism “Cat in the Rain” The Cat : American wife or Baby.
Rain : Unfortunate family life. The description of the environment and their relationship Good weather : spring or summer: Their relationship was nice, and it was the spring time of their love. Bad Weather: winter : their relationship got cold, sad and unfriendly. War monument : conflict. Next

14 Thank you Exit

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