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Title III Alamance Burlington School System 2013-2014.

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1 Title III Alamance Burlington School System 2013-2014

2 Title III 2013-2014 Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) "Language instruction educational program" means an instruction course in which LEP students are placed for the purpose of attaining English proficiency, while meeting challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards. A language instruction educational program may make use of both English and a child's native language to enable the child to develop and attain English proficiency. Programs may include the participation of English proficient students in addition to LEP students if such a program enables participating students to become proficient in English and a second language.”

3 Rules around Title III funding… …any efforts by an LEA or school to reduce State and local funds expended to implement language instruction educational programs serving LEP students based on the receipt of Federal Title III grant funds also violates the non-supplanting provision of Title III. In the absence of these Federal funds, LEAs would still be required to provide language instruction educational services and would need to expend funds to serve LEP students

4 Title III funding…. Does not pay for teacher salaries- this MUST come from state funding. Does not pay for Interpreters

5 ABSS focus for Title III funding Intervention resources Instructional resources and PD to support student progress in the core curriculum PD for regular education teachers to better instruct ELL students in the core curriculum High quality instructional practice Support for 2 nd grade students impacted by read to achieve legislation Work to align WIDA standards and Common Core

6 Desired Impact Students able to access core curriculum independently Students demonstrate academic growth in ACCESS measurements and all academic content ESL and content teachers familiar with instructional practice to effectively provide quality instruction to English Language Learners.

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