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Hawthorne High School ELD 1A

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1 Hawthorne High School ELD 1A
Instructor: Mr. Nick Candelas Class Meeting Days: E1veryday Room: Bungalow 8-E Phone: Ext:

2 Welcome This is a new semester and a new beginning. In order to insure your success in this course we must work as a team where I am your coach in encouraging to learn. I can only teach you if you want to learn. Keep a positive outlook and remember only you can earn your grade, I can only evaluate your effort and product.

3 Course Description This class (ELD 1A) is for English Language Development students in the Beginning Proficiency Level who are at the Pre-production Stage of language acquisition. The course provides the essential communication skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking, with topics, situations, and functions designed to develop everyday survival skills and academic English skills. 3 15 April 2017 3

4 Course Description This course follows the Beginning Proficiency Level standards in the California English Language Development Standards and the Centinela Valley Union High School District’s ELD 1A curriculum. The course is a two-period class. (ELD Standards outline: ). 44

5 Course Description Imaginative/Narrative Sensory/Descriptive
Students will complete various types of writing assignments Imaginative/Narrative Sensory/Descriptive Practical/Informative Analytical/Expository (ONE PER MONTH—DETAILS WILL FOLLOW), Students will compose sentences and develop paragraphs.

6 Course Description Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Writing are essential to insuring mastering an additional language. Therefore, proper and meaningful participation in all aspects of the class is crucial and will affect your grade. Being on time and prepared for class is a major part of proper participation.

7 REQUIRED TEXTS High Point Textbook High Point Reading Practice Book High Point Language Practice Book

8 Course Assignments Reading and Language Practice Book
Textbook Work (Elaborated in Handouts) Vocabulary Vocabulary (Flash Cards) every week. Vocabulary (Sentences) every week Vocabulary Quizzes (1 per week) Reading and Language Practice Book 8 15 April 2017 8

9 Course Assignments Maintain Binder and work in order Vocabulary
Oral Practice/Presentations Textbook/Reading & Language Practice Assignments Maintain Binder and work in order

10 Writing Assignments Course Assignments
Class Meeting Agendas (Copy them as soon as class begins into a section of your binder that should be labeled “Agenda”) Oral Presentations

11 Course Assignments PowerPoints/Cornell Notes Teacher will occasionally distribute PowerPoints which students will be required to transfer into their own words into Cornell Note format. Teacher will also require daily Cornell Notes when blank or Pre-filled Cornell Forms are distributed for reviewing the lesson.

12 Units to be Covered During 2nd Semester
12 15 April 2017 12

13 Units to be Covered During 2nd Semester
Units 1—9 Details will follow. Consult Monthly Reading Assignments on Calendar (Handouts and Online)

14 Supplies Random checks of Supplies will be conducted for class points. Forget your supplies lose out on points. Remembering your supplies demonstrates your responsibility. Pens and pencils Highlighters College ruled paper A 3-ring binder with dividers 14 15 April 2017 14

15 Supplies Divider Sections/Tabs Calendar Daily Agendas
Classwork/Homework Today I learned…(You are to use the last five minutes of every class meeting to write a summary of what you leaned/or a list of five questions minimum on the days’ lesson.)

16 Classroom Rules/Policies
Attendance There are approximately 80 hours/periods in the semester. You will receive 10 points for every hour/period of participation. If you are absent you are not participating. 16 15 April 2017 16

17 Classroom Rules/Policies
On block schedule days you earn 20 participation points and on regular days (all classes meet) you can earn 10 participation points, no matter how long the period. This also applies to minimum days. Since you are enrolled in two sections you will be graded accordingly, what your earn in the first section transfers to the second section.

18 Classroom Rules/Policies
For every 20 class periods missed (200 points, and approximately ¼--Yes 25 percent of the semester) your final grade will be lowered one letter grade. Your participation is essential to your passing the course. Show up!

19 Classroom Rules/Policies
Punctuality Students are to be seated and ready to work before the tardy bell rings. Zero Tolerance Cell Phones that are being used for any purpose during class will be confiscated by security for parental pick up, no exceptions.

20 Classroom Procedures Students will be silent and listen attentively when the teacher speaks. Students will remain in their assigned seats and only get up with teacher permission. Teacher dismisses class after the school dismissal bell. If the bell is not working teacher will dismiss class two minutes after scheduled release. 20 15 April 2017 20

21 Classroom Procedures Students will raise hand and wait for permission to speak. Students will remain quiet if one of their peers is speaking with permission. Students will only use appropriate classroom language. Students will abstain from all vulgar, obscene, and profane language. Students will show respect to the class, to their peers and to the process.

22 Consequences for Violating Classroom Rules and Procedures
One example of violating class rules and procedures could be having side conversations during Teacher Directed Instruction. If you violate it will lead to One verbal warning. Thirty minutes detention. Phone call to home. Referral for parent/guardian conference and suspension.

23 Be Advised…. In addition to having to complete all course work and adhere to classroom procedures, students are subject to additional assignments not mentioned in this presentation. Further assignments will be listed in Course Outline and/or in monthly class calendar available online and in hardcopy by this Friday.

24 Parent/Student Acknowledgement of Academic and Social Expectations
Please sign below to acknowledge that your child has reviewed this PowerPoint as their first REQUIRED homework assignment. Parent/Guardian_____________________ Student_____________________ Dated: _________________________

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