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Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness

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1 Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness
Domain 3: Instruction Component: 3e

2 Outcomes Participants will: Become familiar with 3E;
Reflect on their flexibility and responsiveness to student needs; Identify possible artifacts and evidence to illustrate 3E.

3 Agenda Outcomes & Agenda Focuser Scenarios Artifacts & Evidence
Reflection & Closure

4 Focuser Take a minute to think and brainstorm with your group.
Why do lessons sometimes not go as planned? How might we respond to those situations? Record your ideas and be prepared to share. You can have staff use chart paper and markers Or Use

5 How a Proficient Teacher Demonstrates Flexibility and Responsiveness
Lesson Adjustment Teacher makes a minor adjustment to a lesson and the adjustment occurs smoothly. Response to students Teacher successfully accommodates students’ questions or interests. Persistence Teacher persists in seeking approaches for students who have difficulty learning, drawing on a broad repertoire of strategies What key words jump out

6 Scenarios Read your group’s scenario and discuss how it connects to component 3E: Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness. Write a basic and a proficient response to your scenario. After about 5 minutes, be prepared to share the main idea of your discussion. Divide participants into groups Give teams about five minutes Provide a signal (music/clock) to indicate time remaining Have staff share out the main ideas and match it to the element Have an example prepared

7 Artifacts and Evidence
What would the principal need to see in your instruction to know that you are proficient in this area? This can be done on chart paper or electronically.

8 Reflection & Closure Consider what we discussed today.
Think about a time when a lesson did not go as you planned. What could you have done to improve the lesson? With which element does your solution align? Lesson Adjustment Response to students Persistence

9 Resources Focus on the Framework Modules Domain CPD classes Teacher Evaluation Process Guide (Pages 81-83) Enhancing Professional Practice (Pages 88-91)

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