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Equipment & Software 4101 Church Road Mount Laurel, NJ 08054.

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1 Equipment & Software 4101 Church Road Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

2 *T*T o start a water aerobics program at Jersey Wahoos to give members new fun and exciting exercise options. yOJZVg Sample Water Aerobics Class

3 * Offers multiple benefits for any person at any fitness level. * Calories: * Calories: Expect to burn between 400 and 500 calories per hour. * Strength: * Strength: When exercising in water, you work against 12 times the resistance of air. * Low Impact: * Low Impact: Exercising in water makes you feel about 90 percent lighter. * Ideal activity for those with… Arthritis Back problems Foot, leg and knee injuries Pregnant women

4 * Name: American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA) * Description: A website that offers a complete array of fitness certifications and materials need to complete the certification tests.

5 * Source/Where to buy it: * Use/Value: Provides an easy and quick way to obtain the Water Aerobics Instructor Certification. With ASFA certification you can work in corporate and franchise gyms as well as independently personal training/fitness studios. Available to access year round 24-7. Don’t pay for test unless you pass.

6 * Purpose: Provides… Increased marketability with fast-growing senior demographic. Enhanced understanding of safety considerations specific to water aerobics. Proven ability to help individual clients meet fitness goals in enjoyable group setting. Greater confidence in facilitating multi- client workout sessions.

7 * Cost: Can pick one of 3 options… Certificate Only (1 Year) for $99.00 Certificate & Pocket Certification Card (1 Year) for $125.00 Certificate & Pocket Certification Card (Lifetime Renewal) for $299.00 Required to purchase before test : Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual (6th Edition) $60

8 * Name: Polar FT2

9 * Description:  Shows heart rate on large and easy-to-read display.  Helps improve your fitness with automatic age-based heart rate target zone.  Displays a summary of your latest workout.  Offers one-button functionality and coded heart rate transmission.

10 * Purpose: Easy way to track your workout and heart rate. * Source/Where to buy it: Online at Best Buy =ISO-8859-1&_dynSessConf=- 9078658700312810227&id=pcat17071&type=page&st=polar+ heart+rate+monitor&sc=Global&cp=1&nrp=15&sp=&qp=&lis t=n&iht=y&usc=All+Categories&ks=960 =ISO-8859-1&_dynSessConf=- 9078658700312810227&id=pcat17071&type=page&st=polar+ heart+rate+monitor&sc=Global&cp=1&nrp=15&sp=&qp=&lis t=n&iht=y&usc=All+Categories&ks=960 * Cost: $66.79

11 * Use/Value: Teaches you about your body's reaction to training. Keeps you from starting out too hard. Helps you control the intensity of your training routine. Provides feedback on how you are improving. Water resistant to 98 feet deep so can be used during water aerobics classes.

12 * Name: Sporti Fitness Jogbelt Source/where to buy it: Online from Swim =9325

13 * Description:  Soft, durable, and comfortable  Adjustable strap  Closed cell foam won't absorb water  Dries quickly  Resists chlorine damage  Contoured design supports lower back  Quick-release buckle

14 * Purpose: Maintain vertical balance and neutral buoyancy in the water. * Use/Value: Allows Aquatic aerobics class to easily stay afloat while doing there workout in deep or shallow water with this balanced floating support. * Cost: $16.95

15 * Name: Speedo Aqua Fit 360º System Source/Where to buy it: Online at Swim

16 * Description: Interchangeable resistance discs promote water flow in desired direction. Removable foam weights promote variable buoyancy. Slide-and-lock system lets you easily change components. Soft padded grips and straps.

17 * Purpose: Reduces stress on joints. * Cost: $24.95 * Use/Value: Simply kicking and cupping the water helps contribute to muscle development, which translates into a higher metabolism and healthier body.

18 * Name: Sporti Fitness Ankle Weights Source/Where to buy it: Online Swim

19 * Description: Two weights per order. Neoprene jacket for soft and comfortable feel. Adjustable buckle and hook and loop closure for secure fit. * Cost: $16.95

20 * Use/Value: Increase muscle strength. * Purpose:  Increase the resistance of the water against the body.  Makes the muscles of the legs work harder to perform the water activities.

21  The Water Aerobics Program will…  Give our members a new and exciting exercise option for all ages.  Build strength and burn calories at a low resistance.  Create new revenue for Jersey Wahoos.

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