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ECO ® Series Air Filtration Products Introducing the New ECO III Heavy Duty Air Filtration System.

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1 ECO ® Series Air Filtration Products Introducing the New ECO III Heavy Duty Air Filtration System

2 Current ECO ® Series Air Filtration Products ECOLITEInside/Out or Outside/In Flow ECO-II Cost-effective Replacement Element ECO-CM Cowl Mount ECO-BC Behind the Cab ECO-SE Small Engines ECO-SM Scheduled Maintenance ECO-LLLong Life

3 Current ECO ® Series Air Filtration Products Benefits Lower Installation Cost More Media in Same Space –Extended Element Service Dust Retained in Housing –Less Chance of Dust Migration During Service All Seals on the Outside of the Housing –Easy to Inspect Seals ECOLITE – The only filter on the market that can flow from either direction.

4 The New Racor ECO ® III Heavy-Duty Engine Air Filtration System

5 ECO ® III Product Development Meet customer requirements for an intake air filter system for up to 900 CFM (400 HP) with a plastic housing and serviceable element. System should have –Option for a Safety Element –Flexible installation –Integral Mounting Bracket –Integral CCV and Restriction Indication Ports –Ease of Service in Tight Spaces –Maximize Inlet/Outlet Size

6 ECO ® III Configuration Body Outlet Pan Primary Element Secondary Element Mounting Base

7 ECO ® III Mounting Base Unique Racor Design Multiple Mounting Locations –Direct interface with existing mounting locations Keyed Interface for Housing “Quick Key” Locks Housing into Place

8 ECO ® III Housing: Features/Benefits Injection Molded Body –Higher Temperature Compatibility Tangential 7” Inlet –Uniform Flow into Housing, Lower Pressure Drop, Uniform Dust Loading Across Element –Centrifugal Pre-Separation Mounting Base Keys –120°+ of Installation to the Mounting Pad Symmetric Body –180° Body Rotation Offers Inlet Location Flexibility Keyed Ends –End Pans “Lock” Into Place Ensuring Proper Fit Interchangeable End Pans –Outlet Location Flexibility

9 ECO ® III Outlet Pan: Features/Benefits “Radiused” 6” Outlet –Lower Exit Losses; Lower System Pressure Drop; Increased Dust Holding Restriction Indicator Port –Monitor Service Requirements CCV Port –Meet EPA Requirements for Emission Reduction –Can also be Used for an Air Compressor Port Element Seal –Multiple Sealing Locations Ensuring Leak Tight Seal Water Drain Holes –Accumulated Water is Eliminated

10 ECO ® III Primary Element: Features/Benefits Approx. 100FT 2 Media –Improved Dust Holding Capacity Moisture Bloc Media –Prevents Water from Migrating Downstream End Pan Molded on Element –Ensures Tight Seal –Eliminates Handling of Contaminated Media Urethane End Seal –Tight Seal Prevents Leaks

11 ECO III ® Secondary Element: Features/Benefits Prevents Dust from Migrating Downstream During Service Inverted Cone End Adds Surface Area, Improving Flow and Differential Pressure Secondary Element Seals with the Primary Element

12 ECO ® III U.S. Suggested List Prices Part NumberDescriptionList Price Housing 500250012Housing, Base with Secondary $ 185.95 500251012Housing, Base w/o Secondary $ 168.65 Service Elements 500247012Primary Element $ 54.65 500233000Safety Element $ 30.30 Replacement Parts 500187012Base $ 31.95 500192012Outlet Pan $ 38.70 500229000Clip (8 per package) $ 3.30 Effective December, 2005; subject to change without notice.

13 ECO ® III Flow vs. Pressure Drop

14 Custom Applications Custom Designed Roto-Molded Intake Housing Maximized Pleat Pack Optimized Air Flow –Reduced Clean Pressure Drop –Improved Dust Holding Capacity Improved Fit to This Application Total Package Includes Fittings and Restriction Indicator

15 Thank you Parker Hannifin Corp. Racor Division

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