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Describing People Child This is a child. He is a boy. He is a boy with blond hair.

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2 Describing People

3 Child This is a child. He is a boy. He is a boy with blond hair.

4 Children These are children. There is one girl. There are two boys.

5 Baby This is a baby. This baby is cute.

6 Babies There are two babies. One baby has blond hair. One baby has black hair.

7 Toddlers These two boys are toddlers. Toddlers are young children learning to walk.

8 Teenager This girl is a teenager. Her hair is blond and straight. She has short bangs. A teenager is thirteen to nineteen years old. This teenager is a fourteen-year-old girl.

9 Teenagers These teenagers have brown hair. The teenager on the phone has wavy hair. These teenagers are seventeen years old. These girls are teenagers.

10 Adult An adult is a grown man or woman. In the United States, you must be eighteen years old to be an adult. This adult woman is talking on the phone.

11 Adults This is a man and a woman. They are adults. The man has black hair. The woman has blond hair. These adults are twenty-five years old.

12 Senior Citizen A senior citizen is an older man or woman. If you are fifty-five years old in the United States, you are a senior citizen. This woman is a senior citizen.

13 Senior Citizens The senior citizens have short gray hair. The little girl has straight, blond hair. These senior citizens are with a girl.

14 Young All these people are young. People that are below the age of forty are young. The brothers are young. The couple is young. The family is young.

15 Middle-aged People between the ages of forty and fifty- four years old are middle aged. The middle-aged woman is lifting weights. The middle-aged man was playing basketball.

16 Elderly Elderly people are sixty-five years old and above. Many senior citizens are elderly. The elderly woman has gray hair.

17 Tall The basketball player is very tall. The basketball player has no hair. The basketball player is bald.

18 Average Height The man is average height. The woman is tall. The average height man has short, straight, blond hair. The tall woman has straight, shoulder-length, blond hair.

19 Short The basketball coach is short. He is short and bald with some gray hair. The basketball player is very tall and bald.

20 Pregnant This woman is pregnant. She is going to have a baby soon.

21 Heavyset/Fat This man is heavyset. Heavyset is more polite than saying fat.

22 Average Weight This man is average weight. This man has short, brown, wavy hair.

23 Thin/Slim/Skinny This woman is very thin. This skinny woman has black hair. This woman is pretty and slim.

24 Attractive The woman is very attractive. The attractive woman has blond hair. The attractive woman has long, straight, blond hair.

25 Handsome The man is very handsome. The man is in good shape.

26 Cute The baby is cute. The babies are cute.

27 Physically Challenged/ Handicapped The woman with the walker is physically challenged. The woman in the wheelchair is handicapped. There is special parking for the handicapped.

28 Visually Impaired/Blind The boy is visually impaired or blind. The boy with the brown hair is wearing glasses.

29 Hearing Impaired/Deaf The deaf people speak with their hands. The hearing impaired speak with sign language.

30 Now You Can Describe People children baby toddler teenager adult senior citizen young middle-aged elderly tall average height short pregnant heavyset/fat thin/slim/skinny attractive handsome cute hearing impaired/deaf physically challenged handicapped visually impaired/blind


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